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Pall Mall Gin and Vermouth Cocktail

The simplest recipe suggested for a Pall Mall is simply 3 parts gin to 2 parts vermouth. The original recipe calls for a blend of equal parts dry and sweet vermouths, as well as Crème de Menthe and Orange Bitters. Perhaps due to Crème de Menthe’s current status as one of the most shunned liqueurs, White Crème de Cacao is often substituted, and the modern variation by Jay Jones of Imbibe magazin updates classic using fresh mint with an orange zest garnish.
Whilst this updated variation is undoubtedly a superior product, it’s also more of a hassle to prepare than the older version. Try it both ways and see which you prefer.


* 1 part Gin
* 1 part Sweet Vermouth
* 1 part Dry Vermouth
* tsp Crème de Menthe
* 1 dash Orange Bitters
* Ice


* Mix all liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker or mixing glass with ice.
* Strain into a chilled cocktail glass


* Additional Gin can be added to taste. Some recipes call for up to 4 parts gin.
* Up to 1/2 part Creme de Cacao can be substituted for the Crème de Menthe
* The Orange Bitters can be doubled up or omitted according to taste.

Jay Jones’ version:

* 1 part Beefeater 24 Gin for a “virile citrus backbone.”
* 1 part sweet vermouth
* 1 part dry vermouth
* 6 fresh mint leaves
* 2 dashes Regans’ orange bitters
* Ice cubes
*Orange zest


* Add liquid ingredients to shaker or glass
* Crush mint leaves and drop into glass
* Mix gently
* Add ice and stir well
* Using julep strainer and fine mesh strainer, double strain liquid into a chilled glass, ensuring no flecks of mint leaves are in the glass
* twist orange zest over glass, rub around the lip, then add as garnish

If you wanted to try the modern version without all the double straining hassle, you could always add a teaspoon of cooled mint tea, though it may take some experimentation to get the strength of the brew just right.