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Online Recipe Websites a Great Altnernative to Cookbooks – Yes

Late one afternoon I received a very disturbing phone call; friends I haven’t seen in ages were stopping over around dinner time. I reluctantly told them to stay for dinner, and they enthusiastically accepted. As I stared at my baron freezer fear swept over me, I had few supplies and no time to make a trip to the grocery store. I immediately ran to my computer, accessed a recipe website, and was able to find a quick dish that contained the few ingredients I did possess.

After my dinner was successful I began to question the functionality of all my old cookbooks stacked away in the cupboards. Although these books contain many useful recipes, they are limited and are often outdated. As society is continuously increasing its pace, the recipes have to keep up or they will be forgotten.

Food itself is changing. As medical knowledge expands and develops many realize that their past eating habits have damaging health consequences. Since the internet is most up to date on new knowledge and trends the best recipes can be found quickly online. I am not denying that there aren’t useful, healthy living cookbooks, but why pay for something when you can have it for free.

The beauty of online recipes is there are many websites that contain online ratings. You can read about other’s experience with the food before you take the time to try the recipe yourself. This is something that is not offered in printed cookbooks. While there are only a few people who find and taste the recipes in cookbooks, thousands of people collaborate on internet recipe websites. Since the amount of recipes online are so abundant, you are bound to find something that fits your taste, your pace, and your budget.

Online recipes websites are teeming with a variety of food experienced all over the world. You would have to buy hundreds of cookbooks to even begin to touch the ample amount of recipes found online. With just a few clicks you can search for recipes from every culture imaginable. Since time, money, and space is an issue for most people, online recipe websites offer a quick, useful alternative to printed cookbooks.

Many individuals, including myself, have great memories using cookbooks with loved ones. There is no denying the nostalgia that is linked with certain recipes, but the memory is what is important not the food itself. Using the internet instead cookbooks does not mean you are rejecting the past, it simply means you are making the best use out of your time and money.

Finding quick and easy recipes online saves you time and money. You will be able to spend more quality time with loved ones, and create new memories with the recipes you found online. In a fast paced, ever changing society we need to accept what is most functional and what will benefit us more in the long run.

That dinner, with my friends ended up being very meaningful and memorable. Although I did not have the time or ingredients to make an extravagant meal, I was able to create something good with what I had. It’s not about where recipes are retrieved from, but about time and memories created with loved ones.