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To having the most tasteful omelet in your mouth dancing around the sombrero hat is to make it kick just a little. This is my own homemade style of a Mexican omelet. You can add little or as much as you like to your omelet after all its for you to enjoy,

The first thing you do is pick out this indigents

3 eggs

1 white onion


2 avocados

fresh salsa

green and yellow bell peppers

frozen or fresh baked potato skillet

Mexican style shredded cheese (I like jalapeno cheese its the best)

The first thing is you need to cut up the onion and avocados put do not mix them together, The avocados you will add last to your omelet on top. Also cut up your bell peppers and mix them with the onion, once you have mixed your onion and bell peppers together you need to beat your eggs and mix it all together with the onion and bell peppers. Make sure that your skillet potatoes are already to go before you start to cook your eggs. if you don’t use frozen ones then make sure that you use cooking oil not olive it doesn’t get hot enough. cut up your potatoes into small square or round pieces and fry them till nice golden brown you can have you stove on medium to medium high.

Okay so now you will cook your eggs scramble style kinda like an omelet once it is cooked all the way add some cheese and melt it in to the mixture, you can add it in the beginning if you like.

Now pour your cooked eggs on top of your cooked skillet potatoes and now this is where the salsa and avocado’s come into play you will top off your creation with these and your done.

Some people like to add sour cream to it on top at the end also you can if you like.