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I find it hard to judge the perfect omelette because every omelette is just perfect for me. Just today I was craving for omelettes so I made one for myself as my comfort food. Omelettes are very versatile because they can adjust to your mood or craving for the day. The main thing you only need to make sure is there are eggs. Then you can incorporate every craving you want that does not make the food disgusting of course.

My favourite omelette is the cheese omelette, or, how I love calling it in French, omelette du fromage. It is very easy to make. Cheese omelette is the best thing you can make in a very short amount of time.


2 large eggs
Shredded 3 cheese blend or any other kind of cheese you enjoy (cream cheese works very well too)


1.Heat a small size non-stick pan. Keep it in low heat.
2.When the pan is hot enough add some butter to the pan to serve as oil. Butter is a tastier and healthier alternative in terms of omelettes.
3.Scramble the eggs in a small bowl and add to the pan.
4.Add the cheese and mix while the eggs are still in liquid state.
5.When the bottom part of the eggs is being cooked fold it using a flat wooden spoon and wait until the insides become fully cooked. (Personally I like the insides a little soft so I don’t keep the omelette in the heat too long).
6.Serve with crispy bacon strips.

Almost everything works with eggs so be creative and mix in any ingredients you wish. Have fun!