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Nuwave Oven Green Cooking

The NuWave countertop oven is an attractive addition to your kitchen counter. It promises healthy and flavorful food cooked quickly with minimum energy.

The oven is primarily glass allowing tantalizing views and aromas of food cooking to perfection before your eyes.

This smart little oven combines the infrared cooking of a broiler with conduction heat of a conventional oven, plus the forced air of convection cooking. It does not heat up the kitchen, and is dishwasher-safe. Food is cooked thoroughly and quickly for a moist and succulent interior and browned, crisp exterior.

Less tender cuts of meat can be braised in liquid to fork-tenderness. Finer cuts are roasted or broiled to desired doneness using a rack that allows fats to be captured to make a sauce, season vegetables cooking below, or discarded to reduce calorie count.

NuWave is sold with an instructional DVD, recipe cards, and cooking guides with times and temperatures that explain the process and make it easy for you to adapt your own recipes.

The NuWave method of cooking a larger cut of meat or fowl (10 pounds seems ideal) incorporates defrosting and cooking in two steps. Your own flavor-enhancers of brining, marinating, or seasoning rubs are easily included within these steps.

Simple cuts of beef, lamb, or pork steak and chops are seasoned and cooked to desired doneness in a matter of minutes. Follow the cooking chart for power levels and times.

Casseroles, soups and stews are easy and quick. Let the seasoned broth simmer, include remaining ingredients, and follow the cooking chart for times and power levels. They cook best if no more than 3 inches in depth.

Toasted bagels, English muffins and sandwiches are warm, appetizing and crisp without the addition of calorie-laden butter or spread.

Hard cooked eggs are an easy accomplishment. Simply place eggs on rack, cook on power level 9 for 10 minutes, remove promptly and cool completely. No dangerous boiling water or green overcooked eggs are involved.

A breakfast tortilla is ready in 2 minutes. Simply use a flour tortilla and pile your choice of cheeses, meat, sweet peppers, and cook on high for 2 minutes. Your breakfast wrap is moist and delicious.

Burgers, grilled vegetables, and all the favorites from the grill cook easily in the NuWave.

Place meats and vegetables along side each other on the rack; the juices from the foods drip away and do not mix.

Open an ear of corn, remove the silk, close up the ear, and the corn cooks to perfection in about 4 minutes.

Baked potatoes emerge light and fluffy inside with deliciously crisp skins.

Snacks are ready in minutes; spicy wings cook in about 20 minutes. Set the timer, and one turn about midway through cooking is almost all the attention required.

Cookies provide their own entertainment. Use your favorite recipe, watch the cookies bake on your countertop in the NuWave, as you await the delicious results.

The NuWave oven is a lovely small appliance that is more than adequate for its purpose. Establish it on your kitchen counter and discover the many occasions when you will use the NuWave rather than your conventional oven or the microwave.

Acquaint yourself with the instructional materials, follow suggested time and temperature charts, adapt your best recipes, and enjoy a new, economical way of cooking.

You are likely to see a reduction in energy bills as you find ways to use less energy, reduce fat consumption, increase flavor and quality of the food you feed your family, and overall pursue a more “‘green” and healthful way of eating.