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Not Concentrated Pineapple Juice 100 Pineapple Juice Sainsburys Pineapple Juice

While my husband was shopping around in the cheese section of Sainsbury’s I found opposite to it fresh fruit juices. We bought 3 bottles of 100% pressed pineapple juice as they were on offer and I wanted to try them. The three bottles were for 4 pounds. Its full price is 1.52 pounds per bottle. The pineapple juice comes in a light brownish cardboard bottle like dairy products or fruit juices usually. It has a white plastic cap so you can pour it easily and close the bottle again when you finished. The pineapple juice in it has not been concentrated and it doesn’t contain any added preservatives, colouring or sugar. The package says that the pineapple juice was produced and packed in Spain. You have to keep the juice refrigerated.

After we arrived home I shook it well then I opened the bottle. The juice in it was yellowish and it was not transparent at all. If you are not used to the freshly squeezed fruit juices it may look strange as it is cloudy. It has lovely pineapple scent and its taste is wonderful. It is really nice that it wasn’t concentrated then diluted again so its taste is just like the freshly squeezed one but there is no mess in my kitchen. Once you opened it you have to consume it within 4 days and keep it refrigerated otherwise it will perish. Don’t forget to shake it before you pour it into glasses.

The pineapple is said to help you lose weight. If you take a look at the nutritional values you may question this statement as it has quite high sugar content. The pineapple contains bromelain enzyme which helps to digest proteins and fat. Bromelain enzyme is a natural anti-inflammatory agent too.

The pineapple is quite sweet fruit so its sugar content is high even in the fruit juice. 100 ml pineapple juice contains 47 kcal energy, 11.3 g sugar and 0.4 g protein. The list of ingredients is really short, as it is made of pineapple in 100%. The freshly squeezed fruit juice is pasteurised in order to last longer.

How can you use it after you are fed up with drinking it as a fruit juice? You can add vodka to it or Malibu and mix it well. Add some ice cubes too. Pineapple juice is really good base to loads of cocktails. You can use it to different foods as well such as curries or cookies.