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Nestle Chocolate

At the back of our local fruit and vegetable shop they have a few shelves that are crammed with bargain buy chocolate bars, more often than not the products have a short sell by date marked on them. I always have a hunt along the shelves to see if there are any of our favourites there.
Low and behold there was a pile of Caramac bars!
A whole five bars for £1, now the Other Half has a passion for these sweet candy bars but he has one complaint about them, the bars are far too small.

Mackintoshes were the brain behind the super sweet candy bar which is now one of the brand names owned by Nestle. They came up with the name of the bar by putting the first four letters of caramel together with the first three letters of Mackintosh and came up with Caramac.
Although the candy bar gets itself noticed in that gaudy red and yellow packet I cant help but feel that they could have come up with a better colour scheme for the packaging.

The Caramac bar is tiny, put it beside many other chocolate bars and it seems weak and puny. I would say that the bar has about six oblong pieces of candy, each piece has a raised edge and the word Caramac is stamped on top of each individual portion.
But as the old saying goes `All good things come in little parcels` and this adage certainly applies to Nestle’s Caramac.
Each pale yellow oblong shaped portion is very streamline. The taste is totally unique, condensed milk, butter and sugar are three of the main listed ingredients. Condensed milk is extremely rich and sweet so this gives us an indication how rich the candy bar is.
Caramac is egg, nut and gluten free and vegetarians can eat it with a clear conscience.

A bar of Caramac contains 169 calories, total fat is 10.8g. Total carbohydrate 16.3g , sugars 16.3g and 1.7g protein.
All in all not the healthiest of foods to enjoy but has to be among one of the most delicious.

I remember at some point they introduced digestive biscuits with a coating of Caramac, these seem to have vanished into thin air, as do the Caramac Easter eggs and the caramac kit kats.

The texture of the chocolate is so different from the normal everyday run of the mill chocolate.
As ordinary milk chocolate melts in your mouth it feels soft and silky but with Caramac you can immediately pick up on the `grainy` texture.
When you open the bar it is a case of making it last as long as you possibly can! As a child I used to break the bar into tiny pieces to maximise the enjoyment.

Nestle’s Caramac bar comes in one size for all, no family or share bars. The theory behind that seems to be that the chocolate candy would be too sickly if it were manufactured in a larger sized bar.
Maybe Nestle could explain that one to my Other Half!