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Mid Calorie Coke Products Coming this Summer

Coca-Cola has always been seen as the leader in the soft drink industry. From its trademark Coke product, down through the endless number of other brands that it produces, Coca-Cola has made billions peddling their goods worldwide. Even with all of this success though, the company still continues to tinker with their offerings, whether it is trying to bring something new to the market, or trying to keep up with the competition. Such is the reason why Coca-Cola will now be testing some mid-calorie sodas in the US this summer.

It is often said that the world of business is a copycat one. If someone comes up with a successful product, or a new concept that hits it off with consumers, we can expect five other companies to go to work on trying to create something like it. It is all about trying to get a piece of the pie while it is still popular. This is often seen in the world of television, where reality shows ar copied on a frequent basis. How about on the soft drink side of things though?

Pepsi came out with Pepsi Next earlier in the year. This was their attempt to bring out a soda that was half the calories of their normal Pepsi product. Did anyone really think it would be that long before Coca-Cola would respond to that product offering? The folks at Coke went to work and are producing mid-calorie offerings within the Sprite and Fanta family of sodas.

What can consumers expect? They are going to find sodas that have been pared down to 70 calories a can. In the case of both brands, that is half of the calorie content. The company is accomplishing that by changing the sweetener to Truvia. According to a CBS News piece, The new products will be found under the names Sprite Select and Fanta Select. Do not though expect them to be available throughout the country, because they will only be tested in the Atlanta, Detroit, Louisville and Memphis markets.

How this latest experiment turns out is anyones guess, but it is not like this has not been tried before. Consumers will recall a product called C2 that the good folks at Coke produced back in 2001. Actually, they might not recall the product because it did not stay on the market that long. Sales and reviews of the offering were horrible, leading the company to yank it off shelves after a short time.