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Mexicola Cocktail

There is something sort of magical about cola soda. It is a dark, fizzy potion that combines well with every type of liquor, adds a hint of sweetness to any cocktail, and just looks great in the glass. What could be better than an ice cold, refreshing glass of cola – with some mixers added in, of course? Not much! It is one of those perfect mixers, one of those rare things that can accompany just about any occasion’s cocktail in a natural and easy way.

That is why the Mexicola cocktail is such a success. It is the perfect drink to serve for those who still want a somewhat sweet drink and kick of lime to accompany those sizzling fajitas, but for whom a traditional margarita is too sugary for their taste. The drink is a mixture of tequila, fresh lime juice, and cola, making it a great long drink for those hot summer days. It is also a nice party drink since it is so easy to make and stock ingredients for…or for anytime, of course. This is a personal favorite to sip on a late afternoon after finishing that last bit of nearly impossible John Milton analysis for school – it is relaxing, fresh, sweet, tart, and fizzy. What more could anyone want?



Cracked ice cubes
2 measures tequila
1 measure fresh lime juice
Slice of lime or lemon, for garnish


1. Chill a highball glass, then fill it halfway with cracked ice cubes.

2. Pour the tequila and fresh lime juice over the cracked ice cubes.

3. Top off the drink with the cola.

4. Stir the drink gently to mix, then decorate it with a slice of lime or lemon to garnish. Serve and enjoy!