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Men better Chef Sexist Politically Correctness Women Bias – Men

In order to not being called a sexist, you probably have to answer that women are better chefs, according to the political-correctness standard. I am going to apply the standard of the truth according to my own interpretation. It is being said that men are better cook than women. That is the reason this question was asked here in the first place. What I think has happened is that men are riskier than females and they don’t mind to try to do things differently while women usually follow the recipes. When you hear that males don’t follow instructions, it is true in many ways.

By males being risky and willing to try to do things differently, is that they come up with new taste in the kitchen. I have observed that attitude in my own household. My wife and daughter are hesitant to try things that I come up with if they are not from a recipe. I invent things and many of them are not good but I just disregard. Once in a while I combine food and seasoning which I find delicious. I just do them at home like my family recipe I call “Ponche Lopez”. My wife and daughter like my punch but it took a while for me to have them try it.

And that is the secret of a good chef. Most good chefs has been in the kitchen for so long that they follow their instinct when coming up with new recipe. They alter many recipes trying to come up with different recipes. Being creative is important. for taste. However, to be fair to women, I agree they can cook fast and keep the kitchen clean, They can be good and creative chefs but men surpasses them for the reason just mentioned above.

I believe men and women have been made different for a purpose and that is to complement each other. Imagination and risky behavior are bigger in men but detail oriented, fast and multitaskers are characteristics of women. Any job in which it is required to use the imagination and you have to invent from and create from nothing, men are better. Any job in which you have to coordinate, manage many details and being fast, women are better at it. But remember, I am generalizing because there are many exceptions to the rule. The intention hasn’t been here to offend women but to answer this question with the best of my thinking ability which could be wrong, but I assure you there is no personal bias against women.