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McDonald’s coffee vs Starbucks coffee

Why are we even comparing these two brands of coffee? This shouldn’t be that hard to determine.

McDonald’s is a restaurant that makes many kinds of sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They also have a few healthy items such as salad to choose from. Coffee is basically and afterthought to them.

The folks in the paper hats behind the counter open a bag, toss it into the filter and hit an on switch. Using this method they’re able to serve up what they call coffee. It doesn’t taste that bad, but there are a lot better choices out there.

For example, there’s Starbucks. Starbucks has built a multi-billion dollar empire out of a simple concept. Make a decent cup of coffee in a variety of formats and undercut anyone that’s close to them in an effort to muscle them out of business.

Starbucks coffee in and of itself isn’t too bad. You can usually find three or four different blends available at any given time. Many of their seasonal blends are quite palatable and their regular is almost worth the price of the cups that they come in. I still get a little confused when I order a “Tall” and it’s really their small size.

But, the real reason people go to Starbucks is their custom coffees like their lattes, cappuccinos, and their frozen Frappeccinos . You can get them with extra espresso, half caffeine, no caffeine (WHY?) heavy foam, light foam, or even no foam.

There are hundreds of combinations and I always enjoy standing in line listening to the modern-day yuppies rattling off what they want. It’s even more fun when I walk up and say “Hi, I just want a medium coffee that’s it, nothing else”. They, then correct me that it’s actually called “Grande” and I grit my teeth and say thanks when they hand me the cup.

To be honest, neither place can compare to the true kings of coffee, Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin’s coffee has been ranked higher than Starbucks consistently for years. Sure, you’re not going to get anything special with your coffee (with the exception of their occasional promotions), but it’s always yummy to dunk your donuts in!

And, whatever you do, do not tell me that biscotti is better than donuts! Them’s fighting words!