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Making the Perfect Ice Cream Sundae

So many kinds of ice cream sundaes exist, but for some people, there’s a perfect ice cream sundae. Personally, I love most ice cream sundae recipes out there, but certain ingredients go together so well that they could very well make my perfect ice cream sundae. To make yours, just follow these simple tips.


The flavor of the ice cream is the most important part of making the perfect ice cream sundae. Choose a flavor that you like, but also make sure that the flavor will go well with your toppings. I like vanilla for exactly those reasons; it is such a versatile flavor that I can top it with virtually anything and the sundae will always taste great. Be aware that chocolate-flavored ice cream has limitations on what can taste great with it. That rule also applies to fruit-flavored ice cream, such as lemon, orange, or mango.


There are so many kinds of ice cream out there, so your choices are definitely not limited. For instance, there is: superpremium, premium, low-fat, low-sugar, and light. You can also get basic ice cream or custard ice cream. Basic ice cream has less milk fat than custard ice cream, so it’s not as creamy. However, many people prefer basic ice cream because it is classic. Choose the kind that you like, but both basic and custard ice cream should be treated similarly when it comes to toppings.


Toppings make up a quarter of the sundae, so it’s no wonder that they must be delicious or else the sundae won’t be at its best. You can use whatever toppings you like, but also remember that they must go with the ice cream flavor. Nuts are excellent to give ice cream a crunchy texture. They are also great for people who like putting sweet and savory tastes together. Chocolate adds extra fat, but it’s excellent for giving sundaes extra sophistication. Here are some basic toppings that you can use for your next perfect sundae:

– Chocolate shavings

– Peanut butter cookies/cups

– Chopped candied fruit

– Colorful sprinkles

– Chocolate syrup

– Maraschino cherries, diced fruit such as strawberries

– Bananas cooked in syrup


You don’t need much to put your sundae together. All that is needed is a shallow bowl, an ice cream scoop, ice cream, and your prepared toppings. Make your sundae extra special by putting a little bit of syrup (made with sugar and water) in the bottom of the bowl. Then, add your scoops of ice cream. Top with the toppings. Finally, enjoy!