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Making a Meringue

Have you ever endeavored to separate those slippery little egg whites from their clinging yolks only to discover that you have a managed to combine the two into a slimy concoction that will never turn into the fluffy clouds of white meringue that you have imagined?

If you have ever attempted to divide the whites from the yolks and found that part of the yolk has invaded your whites you will know what I mean. You can whip the mixture for 30 minutes straight and never get it to turn into the fluffy white clouds of pure perfection that you were aiming for. There is only one solution at that point; to throw the whole thing out and start over!

Don’t despair! Help is on the way. Perfect separation of yolk and whites is within your grasp. You will find that with a little practice you will be creating perfect meringues, and fluffy egg whites for pies, waffles, soufflé’s and more!

Begin by gathering the tools that you will need. Find a small bowl, a knife that you feel comfortable with, an electric mixer and of course, the eggs. You will find that eggs that have been out of the refrigerator for half an hour or longer will be easier to divide because when eggs warm up a bit they don’t cling to the yolks with such veracity. Unfortunately warm egg whites do not produce the best white clouds of fluff. Cold egg whites will whip up more quickly and to a greater amount than eggs that are at room temperature.

Place the bowl on the counter. Pick up the egg and hold it like a baby, horizontally. Take the knife and with confidence but not force, tap the egg in the middle. Quickly turn the egg so that it is in a vertical position and divide the shell into two pieces. Tip the egg cup containing the egg yolk slightly and let the clear part of the egg drain into the bowl. The trick is to keep the yolk in the egg cup while doing this. Transfer the yolk into the other half of the egg cup and while you do so let the remaining part of the clear whites drain into the bowl. Presto! You have the perfect divided egg whites and are now ready to make the perfect meringue.

Don’t wait to whip the eggs. You will find that whipping the egg whites immediately will produce the best results. Use the electric mixer and whip them until they look like stiff whipped cream and they have a slight sheen to them. Use the whipped whites immediately for best results.