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Macrobiotic Cooking Overview

There are a lot of diets on the market advertising a way to obtain a smaller and healthier body but many of these diets are only short term and some are even dangerous. Macrobiotic cooking is not something that is new but it is becoming more popular. This is because an increasing number of people are realizing the true benefits that this type of cooking can have.

The Basics of Macrobiotic Cooking

Cooking and culinary skill is an art which is why many people choose to learn these particular skills through macrobiotic cooking courses. There are many aspects of this cooking world to learn.

In macrobiotic cooking, there are certain items that a person has to avoid. These foods contain refined sugar, coffee, dairy products, and red meat. The consumption of balanced foods is emphasized. While the permissible foods might change according to season, the main food groups allowed include legumes/beans, vegetables and whole grains. Seeds, nuts and natural oils are added in small quantities for flavor.

The more complicated parts of the diet are not necessarily the foods that a person can include in their diet, but the combination of foods that are right for the area that they live in coupled with any medical conditions that they have. This is yet another reason why macrobiotic cooking courses are utilized – to learn these rules.

For example, those who live in the temperate zones in the United States should avoid the high fat foods and fish and stick more with the grains, vegetables and fruit. Someone living in the colder zones may be better to eat the fish and some higher fat foods. Of course, more specific foods would be chosen based on current or past medical histories such as cancer or digestive conditions.

The foods that are permissible for each area for that particular person are balanced with a variety of foods to ensure that the individual obtains all of the essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins and other vital parts of the diet.

In macrobiotic cooking courses not only emphasise which foods to cook and how to balance them, but also the techniques to use to get the most out of the foods in terms of flavor and nourishment.

An Overview of Macrobiotic Cooking Styles

While there are many different methods of cooking foods according to what the item is, here is a brief overview of some of the main cooking techniques used.

Blanching: This method can be used with vegetables. When they are cut thin, this technique only takes ten seconds. It brings the freshness and the goodness to the surface of the vegetables. Eating foods cooked in this manner helps to relax the individual.

Long Boil: Bringing vegetables to a long boil brings out the sweetness of the food. To use this method, vegetables, vegetable butter, water and salt are required. Soup is an example of vegetables being cooked using the long boil.

Steaming: This method allows the person to take in more fiber and is excellent for those who want to lose weight but do not favor eating raw vegetables.

Tempura: The tempura style uses the ‘sauté and simmer’ method. It strengthens the body, especially the lower body and is especially good for women after giving birth.

Pressure Cooking: This method is used to prepare grains. The pressure brings the heat out of the center of the grain and brings the complex carbohydrates out. Brown rice is cooked with this technique and offers strength and vitality. Buckwheat is also cooked in this manner.

The Benefits of Macrobiotic Cooking

There are numerous benefits from macrobiotic cooking. They are not just for individuals who are ill but in fact can benefit anyone who tries it.

Eating the foods allowed with macrobiotic cooking can help individuals obtain optimal health. These foods are preferably all natural so there are no foreign substances entering the body. These foods help the body to fight any toxins or free radicals that might enter from the environment or other origins. They are also said to increase longevity aside from increasing the level of health.

Stress relief is a major issue with many individuals and this diet can certainly help. These foods help the chemicals and hormones in the body to flow correctly. They help the mind to remain calm even when under regular levels of stress. The emotions are more stable and the person feels much more peaceful.

These cooking methods have been brought over from Asian communities where they believe in high levels of spirituality and community. Participating in such a practice can assist individuals in this part of their lives as well, bringing along a better sense of spirituality, well-being and togetherness.

Macrobiotic Cooking Courses

All of the knowledge about this particular art of cooking does not come from one source or origin. It takes time to learn and to practice. Macrobiotic cooking courses can help the vast majority of interested individuals in obtaining much of this knowledge and practice.

Some cooking schools offer these courses but there are also DVD’s available online. The method chosen is an individual one that requires careful consideration. Not everyone can attend a course but others prefer the hands-on experience. There are cooking schools around the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Europe. For specific locations of the courses, a person can search online under ‘macrobiotic cooking courses’ for listings.

With regards to any of the schools or DVD’s that are available, it is wise for the individual to look at the qualifications of those in management as well as the teachers. Only accredited schools or professionals should be considered.