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Loaded Scramble Eggs

Scrambled eggs aren’t just for breakfast anymore, especially when they are loaded with enough goodies to round out a complete meal. This is an extremely easy method of making scrambled eggs, even though they are packed with stuff. The following recipe is for 2-4 people. Before you begin, here is what you will need…

3-4 eggs
tablespoon of butter
Onion (small), optional: green onions, black olives
Bell pepper, any variety. optional: sweet pepper, jalapeno
2 slices of bacon
Cubed ham, or roasted beef

This dish can be made with or without meat, if you are not using meat then simply place one tablespoon of butter in skillet and heat on low before pouring eggs into the pan. If you are using meat begin by placing two slices of bacon (or sausage) in non-stick cooking skillet and heat on medium. While bacon is coming up to heat, scramble 3-4 eggs in bowl, season with a dash of salt and ground pepper. Also while bacon is cooking, slice desired amount of onion, peppers and set to the side. Green onions can also be used and are a great addition, as well as banana pepper and black olives.

When bacon is completely cooked remove from skillet and place to the side (I normally use a folded papertowel to remove additional grease), drain bacon grease from pan and heat on low. Add one tablespoon of butter to skillet and heat slowly. Place onions, peppers, all vegetables into pan and bring up to medium heat.

Add meat just as eggs begin to solidify in pan, crumble up the 2 slices of bacon and scatter those, as well as ham cubes or roasted beef (any pre-cooked meat substitute will work) over eggs. Allow eggs to cook until they would normally require flipping, add sliced, shredded, or chunks of cheese, then begin to flip/ scramble the eggs in pan. Cook for 1-2 minutes then add cheese to top of eggs. The eggs are finished when desired texture is reached, and when cheese is melted.