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I remember as small boy going to visit my great-aunt Margie’s house back in the 1950s; smells of the fresh hot pumpkin pie or cinnamon oatmeal cookies she had just baked permeated the whole house. At the time, I was amazed how she could create these “tantalizing sensations” out of just some white powder and a pinch of this and smidgen of that, kept in canisters on her counter top of her kitchen. In my child’s mind, it had to be witchcraft or at the very least magic. Moreover, each of those wooden and glass canisters held a special ingredient of the secret potion she was mixing up at the time. However, the real magic, kept up high out of untrained hands; for fear what might be unleashed on a unsuspecting world, the real power; in the ye ole spice rack.

Even though my old aunt proved not to a witch, she did indeed perform magic in her kitchen, and each of her herbs and spices were stored with the utmost care in her beat up old wooden spice rack. A spice rack will add both beauty and functionality to any kitchen, all the while helping to keep the spices organized, fresh, and persevering each its own distinctive flavor. Spices that are not stored properly away from heat and direct sunlight can degrade expensive spices quickly. Moreover, they can bleed their flavors and lose their unique qualities.

Whether you are looking for cabinet spice racks, zero gravity spice racks, wooden spice racks, or magnetic spice racks there are plenty of designs to fit any kitchen decor and budget While some may hold just six of your basic spices, others can may accommodate a dozen or more of your most exotic herbs and seasonings.

Wooden spice racks are beautiful functional and necessary, to every modern kitchen. Many people also believe that the best choice for keeping your spices fresh is a wooden spice rack. Nevertheless, there are a variety of materials to choose from, including chrome, plastic and stainless steel. Designs, range from primitive to futuristic, pleasing the most discriminating of chefs, or hockey moms. Magnetic spice holders are very popular these days since they are so convenient and certainly quite attractive. The round canisters have permanent magnets on the back; that attach themselves to the magnetic spice rack or even your refrigerator. Although it is best not to hang them above, the back of the stove as the heat will damage the spices. This innovative new style of spice rack provides a useful way to display spices, seasoning and other ingredients.

The next most common type of spice rack is the zero gravity racks. Most hanging spice racks usually require a bracket mounted to a wall that holds the jars or canisters in place. Bolted onto the wall, zero gravity spice racks hang down creating a zero gravity visual effect. It store spices on both top and bottom of spice rack to maximize space and reduce clutter. Airtight canisters preserve the spice and herb freshness.

Just as design and materials are vary, so do prices in spice racks; ranging from less than ten dollars for inexpensive wood rack, to more than a hundred dollar, multi-canister carousel. What ever your taste or budget there is a rack for perfect your kitchen. If you want to touch up your kitchen’s decor, while saving space in a busy kitchen ,then add a little spice with a new spice rack, keeping thyme, cinnamon, and allspice an all powerful secret ingredient; like my aunt Margie used conjure up her delicious tasting and magical potions.