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Kfc and Healthy Eating

Eating at a restaurant with the word “fried” in its name can be a daunting prospect for the weight-conscious diner. Making healthy food choices at fast food restaurants does not have to be a frustrating or difficult task. In fact, with the American obesity epidemic on the rise, many fast food restaurants are redoubling their efforts to offer lighter, more healthful fare on their menus. Gone are the days when Kentucky Fried Chicken only served things that had been battered and fried. The current KFC menu presents several tasty, scale-friendly options so that you won’t feel like you’re missing out by not indulging all the deep-fried naughtiness.

1) KGC

Kentucky Grilled Chicken is an obvious alternative to the typical fried options. Thick and juicy cuts of grilled chicken don’t disappoint and the reduced fat and calorie content make for a much healthier choice. It’s delicious, tender, and flavorful. Who needs a fryer? Choose healthier sides to lower the calorie count of your total meal.

2) Skinless Fried

This option is for those with willpower of steel. Order a typical fried breast, remove the skin, and eat only the chicken. Though higher in calories than grilled, it’s still slightly more healthy than eating the deep-fried crust which packs a large caloric punch. Or, if you’ve gotta have your fried fix, order a single drumstick which weighs in at just 140 calories.

3) Sandwiches

If your local KFC offers a grilled chicken sandwich, then that’s likely the healthiest sandwich option on the menu. However, the KFC Honey BBQ sandwich (not available at all restaurants) offers a lower-calorie alternative to the usual battered-and-fried sandwich stuffers.

4) Sides and Vegetables

KFC mashed potatoes are not a calorie gremlin as some would think. Containing only around 120 calories per serving, these potatoes are a tasty alternative to fried potatoes. Many KFC restaurants also carry corn-on-the-cob or baked beans which are similarly a lower-calorie alternative to fried potato wedges. Consider the cole slaw or the potato salad as well.

4) Drinks and Desserts

This typically goes without saying, but take a pass on the soda or punch with your meal. Though many combinations include a drink in the price, sweet drinks are very high-calorie and unnecessary. Opt for water instead. It’s usually free and always a much healthier option. Desserts are a pretty obvious no-no at most establishments and KFC is no exception. Don’t be lured in by the tempting pictures. Your waistline will thank you!