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Keeping Bananas Apetitzing

Keeping Bananas from Browning

There are a lot ways to store bananas, but many only look good. If you are waiting for bananas to be soft enough to make banana bread, these rules might not matter to you, but frequently protecting the bananas remains important.


Bananas are a delicate fruit. You find them in the store and frequently are green which means the shopper will have to wait for a while when the fruit gets home. Fruit mixture is a popular item for a brunch but cutting them early makes them appear unappetizing. The other problem is the level of a banana on the glycemic index goes up as the brown spots develop. How can you purchase, store and slice bananas and keep them looking and tasting good?


Pickers pick bananas while still green because a banana ripens after picking, but its life after ripening remains very short. If you are going to want to eat the bananas soon after arrival in the home, you should purchase bananas mostly yellow with green at each end. The bananas in this condition are consumable or easily sliced. Frequently grocery stores have bananas that are purchasable for a lower price because they are almost entirely brown. These do have a use as mashed bananas for baking. Mashing green or ripe bananas remains a difficult challenge so overly ripe bananas remain some value. If you have only ripe bananas, you can cut them and set them aside for a while or place them in the refrigerator. This is not the way to store whole or cut bananas if the food preparer plans to serve later.


If you purchase green bananas and want to keep them for as long as possible, separate each banana from the bunch and lay them away from each other. Place the bananas in a dark cool but not a cold location. Minimal exposure to sunlight helps slow the process from ripening to browning. The brown spots on a banana are the fruit meat turning to sugar. This is the reason the glycemic index goes up, as the bananas turn brown. When using the bananas in salad or in slices in recipes, a cook needs different steps. To keep them appetizing and with the best nutritional value, you need more care.


If you can wait to cut the bananas, it is the best choice, but maybe you do not have the time. Bananas sprinkled with citrus fruit maintain the off-white color known for bananas. The best is fresh pineapple or lemon juice. The bananas should not be soaked in the juice to prevent overpowering the bananas with the flavor of the juice.

Bananas offer a lot of nutrition through the high level of potassium. With care, you can enjoy bananas fresh, cut and in baking.