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Jack Daniels Whiskey Grilling Sauce Barbecue

Grilling is a favorite way for many Americans to feed their families this time of year. I have an awesome grilling sauce for you, that will make your family and friends assume you bought the grilling sauce at TGI Fridays!

Jack Daniels glaze at the restaurant is awesome on any type of meat and many other foods. How would you like to make this at home and save yourself money? Now you can, because this recipe is so close you will fool many people.

This recipe will make about 3 cups of dipping and grilling sauce, so there is plenty to share. It is time consuming because it is slowed cooked to perfection to its better to make it in the morning or the day before a summer barbeque.

The shopping list of ingredients

Roast first

Three heads of garlic

Cook in step 2

3 cups of pineapple juice

cup of good teriyaki sauce

1 tablespoon of good soy sauce

4 cups of brown sugar

Add these in step 3

3 tablespoons of lemon juice

cup of minced white onions

1 tablespoon of crushed pineapple

teaspoon of cayenne pepper

One generous tablespoon of Jack Daniels whiskey

First, you need to roast the garlic, which will take an hour in an oven, which is preheated to 325. Remove the outer skins but make sure the cloves stays intact. Place all of these in a small cake pan and cover the pan. Remove promptly after it is done baking and allow them to cool.

Step two we being the grilling glaze by putting the ingredients in a saucepan along with the brown sugar and cook it on a medium heat. Stir it often until it comes to a bowl and then turn down the heat.

In step 3 add everything listed in the ingredients list to the pan. Pick up a clove of garlic and squeeze it over then saucepan repeat with the remaining two cloves of garlic. Use a whisk to stir this mixture and keep simmering it for 30 – 45 minutes until the sauce has thickened. As this sauce cooks, it will reduce in volume, and even though this looks like a huge amount of sauce but it will only be about 3 cups when you are finished.

Granted its not TGI Fridays Jack Daniels glaze but it is so close that many people will not notice the difference. Parents do not worry about the sauce having alcohol in it. The whiskey will evaporate leaving only the flavor behind.

It does not matter what you cook on the grill, this grilling sauce with Jack Daniels is perfect. Store any unused sauce in a covered container in the refrigerator.