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Is Becks Premier Light Good

Review of Beck’s Premier Light Beer

Sizes: 12 ounce bottles and cans

Availability: Most markets

APV: 3.2%

Website: http://www.becksbeer.com

Beck’s Premier light is one of the “lightest” beers on the market. While most mainstream light beers come in between 90 and 120 calories, Beck’s Premier comes in at a shockingly low 64 calories per 12 ounce bottle. In addition the label indicates that a 12 ounce bottle has just 3.9 grams of carbs. But how does this ultra light beer stack up against more mainstream light beers?

The taste is a primary concern with any light beer. Light beers tend to be watered down to reduce calorie amounts while still filling the bottle up with liquid. Beck’s Premier Light has an extremely light color to it, almost like slightly tinted water. The bottle itself is tinted green which gives it a slightly darker look inside the bottle. So one would expect a very flavorless beer.

Beck’s manages to deliver a somewhat decent taste for an ultra light beer. The first sip is very crisp, this beer has a distinct bite to it. The stereotypical “beer” taste is not really present, some light beers taste like stale cheap beer.

As you drink this beer you notice it is quite refreshing. You’ll want to drink it ice cold to get the best taste, but Beck’s has managed to make a very smooth light beer. Aside from the “bite” that some may experience in the first few sips, the rest of the bottle goes down crisp and smooth.

Of course having only 64 calories means the beer is in fact watered down a bit. The lack of a true “beer” taste when compared to regular Beck’s means Premier Light is likely to disappoint people who love the taste of hops and malts.

But on the flip side this beer is an excellent hot summer day drink. It isn’t filling and it is refreshing when served ice cold. If you like to have a few drinks on a hot day but don’t like an alcohol taste or don’t like a strong beer taste, Beck’s Premier Light is a decent drink choice.

One huge downside to this beer is that the lightness means some of the alcohol is taken out. At just 3.2% APV per bottle, you’d have to drink just under two bottles to get around the same amount of alcohol in one regular beer. While this will essentially double the calorie intake, Beck’s low 64 calories per bottle means that even if you drink double the usual number of beers you consume, you’ll still only be taking in 128 calories every 2 bottles. Which is still lower than some light beers.

Overall Beck’s Premier Light is a tasty light beer that is moderately refreshing when served ice cold. It is excellent if you want a beer without all the calories and carbs. If you are looking to get a buzz going, you might want to pass on this beer as you can buy a case of regular Beck’s for about the same price as Beck’s Premier Light; you’d have to buy nearly 2 cases of the light version to equal the alcohol content of one case of regular beer. Like wine coolers, Beck’s Premier light goes down easy without much kick to it.

This beer overall has a really decent flavor and texture for an ultra light beer. If you are looking for something a bit more refined than the mainstream light beers with less calories, Beck’s Premier Light is a clear winner over the mainstream (such as college party favorites and sporting event favorites) light beers.