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Importance of Web Marketing and Ordering for Restaurants

There are few restaurant owners or restaurant franchise owners that don’t realize that the Internet is the wave of the future. Progressively, people are looking to the Internet for information on what meals are available from local restaurants, and trying to find easier ways of ordering.

Even without current means to actually sell or deliver items via the web, the number of people that are looking to their computers to give them the choices and prices, makes it worthwhile to consider web based marketing. This is pure business and pure exposure.

Consider that to market a product, a restaurant owner must first have a good product and a great way to produce it. Still, the best product in the world is not going to sell if the people don’t know that it exists. That is where the worth of the web-based marketing becomes important.

A typical example is a town, or city with a neighborhood that has 20 restaurants that serve hamburgers. The computer user may want to find out what the best options are for them, and for that they often turn to the web. If only five of those businesses even have web sites, it is pretty easy to see which will get the lion’s share of those orders, particularly if there is in fact a way to order online. People are impulsive, and if they can’t find what they are looking for in one place, quickly, they will look in another place.

This means that with the right Internet exposure, a restaurant may find their orders and profits skyrocketing. Marketing is the key.

Advertising comes in many forms. The growing use of the web gives yet a new advertising possibility that is too often neglected. Further, a major aggressive marketing campaign on the web is not more expensive than the same sort of television marketing campaign. Usually it is less expensive. Yet is can reach as many if not more viewers. This results in a higher ratio for dollars brought in for dollars spent for the advertising.

Web based advertising also allows a business to tout things that a TV ad cannot. This is because a TV ad is time limited. Internet advertising is not. The longer that a potential customer stays on the site or reading the ad, the more likely they are to buy. Further, marketing on the web allows the restaurateur to highlight what is special about their restaurant. This can build a steady stream of regular patrons.

Likewise, ordering systems can be greatly enhanced by the Internet. Nearly 30 years ago, it was necessary to use the telephone to call in every order. Often, the owner or manager had to verify everything that was ordered to make sure that the order was correct.

In today’s world, none of this is necessary. Ordering is simplicity in action. The suppliers have the same sort of restraints regarding customers that the restaurant owner does. That is, the faster and easier that the system is, the more they can sell. Since the point of the business is to make money without losing more than is necessary, it is clear that web ordering systems are superior to telephone systems.

Also, web based ordering systems allow the restaurant owner to select from multiple suppliers to get the best price available to any given product. Often, this can offset the expense of much or even all of the advertising and marketing costs. The restaurant very often ends up receiving fresher, tastier, or better products than they could if they used the more time intensive phone system. In turn, this increases the reputation of the restaurant, which results in more food sold, at a cheaper initial price, with bigger profits.

That is what it is all about, the profits. When the restaurant industry is healthy and the profits are high, there are more people employed making more money, than when the opposite is true. Everyone is happy.

It isn’t hard to see that good web marketing combined with web ordering is a great way to make more money and to extend the available cash that there is already. A person only needs to look at what is happening with McDonalds, Wendy’s, Arby’s, or any other well-known chain to realize that it really does work. Regardless of the income of these businesses, they wouldn’t spend the money on web based marketing and ordering systems if they didn’t make money by using them.

Every serious restaurateur should consider this, and then give it a try. There is little to lose by trying it, and an enormous amount to gain.