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Importance of Assembling all your Materials before you Cook

You have a cookbook full of recipies but everytime you cook you find it takes more time and effort than it seems to on those cooking shows you watch. Why is it that the cooks on these shows seem to whip up complicated dishes in a matter of minutes? And why does it seem to take you twice as long as the prep time outlined in your cookbook?

Well, for one thing on cooking shows they have everything gathered together before they start cooking. Each ingredient is carefully measured and placed in several small bowls or (in the case of spices) mixed together in the same bowl. This not only lowers the mess they make while cooking, it also ensures that they don’t forget anything. You can use these same techniques to your advantage when cooking at home.

So why is it important to have all your ingredients gathered up ahead of time? Its easy, suppose you don’t have enough of one ingredient or are lacking it all together. Until you gather your ingredients together you don’t know if you have enough of each ingredient. If you were to start on your dish before gathering your ingredients you would have wasted time and food when you discovered that you only had three of the four eggs needed to complete the recipe. True you could improvise, but the end result would not be as good as if you had followed the recipe.

If you gather and measure your ingredients ahead of time you will also find that it is not as stressful as running back and forward to the cabinets for measuring tools or ingredients as you look at the recipe. So even if your recipe has a two hour maranading time you know you have everything when you need it.

Not only should you gather your ingredients together but everything you will need to complete the recipe. If the recipe calls for a mixing bowl and mixing tool make sure you have the right tool to complete the job. Of course there are certain substitutes that you can use in recipes if you don’t have the right tools. You can use a hand powered mixer if you have a lot of stamina and don’t mind beating those eggs or that butter and sugar until it’s the right consistency.

When you are prepared and think ahead you’ll find that everything is so much easier to do. Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be a fun diversion. So even if you’re making your own recipe, gather up those ingredients you think you’ll use and get started.