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Ideas for Healthy Summer Snacks

When you are out and about during the summer, you might want some delicious snacks. There are many snacks you can have, and many prefer to have some healthier options. The following are some ideas for healthy summer snacks.


Fruits are wonderful to have as a summer snack. Many fruits are in season during this time, so the fruit is often delicious and inexpensive. You could have some fresh red strawberries, some delicious yellow bananas, some juicy oranges, sweet melons or whatever other fruits you would like. These are often not too high in calories and many of them have disease-fighting vitamins and minerals. It is good to have a variety of fruits. A lot of them are very easy to carry along such as a banana. You can stick some grapes or just an apple in a bag. Fruits are also usually not too expensive. In addition, you can consider dried fruits, however beware of ones that have a lot of added sugar because that can make them far less healthy.


Vegetables can make a wonderfully healthy snack for summertime. You can bring a bag of carrot sticks with you for a quick snack. You could eat a red ripe tomato. You could eat some broccoli or cauliflower or munch on a salad. Most vegetables have few calories but they are filled with healthy vitamins and minerals. Many of them lower your chances of getting serious conditions such as cancer, heart disease, strokes and more. If you want to dress it up a little bit you can add a little fat free dressing as a dip to go along with it.


Yogurt can make a delicious snack for the summer. They even make them in convenient tubes in brands such as Gogurt. You might want to look for the low-fat versions. There are many different flavors of yogurt, and some of them will taste like dessert but be far healthier. The tubes can also be convenient because some of them allow you to freeze them and then you can take them out and eat them when they thaw.


Popcorn can make a great snack that is far healthier than fatty and fried potato chips. Of course, that does depend on you getting a healthy version as compared to one that is cooked in unhealthy oil and is full of fat and calories as is served by many movie theaters. You can air pop some popcorn for a tasty and healthy summer snack.

There are many wonderful healthy snacks for the summer. Consider the above snacks for yourself.