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How to Prepare for a Visit to an Apple Orchard

Great memories come from a family visit to your local apple orchard. You are surrounded by the most amazing smells and it takes you back to times when life was simpler. Make sure when you go you are prepared and you will definitely have a great time. Here are some simple tips:

Bring along a wagon: Not only for the apples you pick but also for your children just in case they get tired along the way. You will be thankful that you won’t be carrying all of the apples you pick or the child who starts out full of energy but then tires half way through the trip.

Wear Water Proof and Comfortable Shoes or Boots: Your trip will surely be ruined if everyone ends up in wet shoes and has cold feet. Remember, you are going to be walking alot and it might be on wet ground. Fall brings cooler temperatures so be sure to bring jackets for everyone as well and perhaps even an umbrella. If you are wearing layers of light clothing you can take off what you don’t need but if you are dressed lightly you might come back shivering. Don’t wear your Sunday best by any means. Wear the same kind of clothes you would wear to any farm. You will probably get a bit dirty but all the fun you have will be worth it.

Pack Your Camera: Apple picking is fun and you will want to capture all those fun moments. The colours of both the trees and the apples will make frame worthy pictures of your family trip. If you have a digital camera take lots of pictures so you can choose the best for development. Make sure to capture the kids picking the apples and what they look like at the beginning of the journey and at the end. You might end up with a shot of at least one of them napping in the wagon surrounded by the apples they picked.

Bring Your Own Sturdy Bag: Most orchards will provide you with bags but they will most likely be just paper bags. Make sure you have a towel or something soft to line the bag so your apples stay in good shape. You don’t want them all bruised from banging against eachother in the bag before you even get them home.

Don’t Forget To Bring Water: It’s probably going to take you a while to pick the apples and you need to keep hydrated. Bring some light snacks and definitely some water.

Bring Some Wet Wipes: You already know you are going to get dirty but if you want to stop along the way for a snack you can clean dirty hands quickly and efficiently with wet wipes.

Cash: Most orchards are not equiped with the equipment for debit or credit cards and only accept cash. Don’t get back to the orchard house with no cash or will leave with no apples!

Pack Your Patience: Make sure everyone is in a good mood and keep them that way by having fun. Don’t worry if little kids don’t pick the best apples. You can use those ones for pies or give them back at the desk. Put them aside for that. This is about having fun as a family so if you plan for the day you will have a great time.