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How to Plan a Formal Luncheon

A formal luncheon can be suitable for a business meeting or for any one of a number of occasions such as a bridal shower. The following are steps to plan such a festivity.

Consider where you want to have the formal luncheon

You want to pick a place that is formal enough. You can look for restaurants that are higher class and that have nice linens, good tableware and exemplary service. Also consider the atmosphere. You want elegant more than cute. You probably want a restaurant with a quieter atmosphere as compared to one that has a lot of people talking loudly and running around. You can also look at the restaurants that have private rooms if you do not want to be in the general dining area. You can look to country clubs as well. You can even just rent an area such as a community center and bring in food yourself. If you do it right, you can even have a formal luncheon in your own home.

Look for more elegant party supplies

When you send out invitations you should look for something that is tasteful. They even have ones that you can do yourself on your computer. They have some that are made to be for weddings, but they are generic enough to work for any formal occasion. Instead of decorating with paper cutouts, consider things like chiffon or cloth. It doesn’t have to be about spending a lot of money. For instance, you can take some pieces of satin and tie it around the chairs as sashes. You can decorate with small vases with flowers. You use white tablecloths and place rose petals all over the tables, which can look very beautiful. You can use real china. If you need disposable tableware then consider the plates from Costco that look like they are ceramic even though they are disposable. They also make utensils that look like metal but are actually plastic.

Plan the food

The food will be a large part of any formal luncheon. If you are cooking yourself, then look through cookbooks for nicer recipes. You can also purchase things from places like Costco that are premade. For instance, they have big sets of appetizers such as little potato puffs that you can just put into the oven. You can serve these on trays, and they will seem very nice. You can get fresh mozzarella and tomatoes and make a caprese salad, for instance. They also have elegant family meals that you can just heat up and serve. You can also look to catering or a restaurant for more formal meals. You can try to get something with several courses. Make sure to account for different dietary needs.

Consider the above tips to help plan a formal luncheon.