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How to Open a Candy Store

Running your own business can be one of the most satisfying employment options out there if you have the right personality for it. Being your own boss is a great way to motivate and push yourself to succeed. It is said if you do what you love for a living you will never have to work a day in your life. It is also said if you pursue what you love, money and success will follow. For many of us, our childhood love of candy carried over into our adulthood. What better way to make a childhood dream come true than to open your own candy store?

Much like any business, a candy store requires some basic start up procedures to get this endeavor off the ground. It’s not all the sugar and spice of childhood dreams. Any business that relies heavily on walk through traffic is highly dependent on a good location. A small shop on a busy corner in the center of town might work. These days a bay in the middle of the food court or a stand alone kiosk in the mall should garner plenty of walk through customers. Some people may go out of their way in search of a good chocolate bar, but many more will stop by on a whim and make a purchase at the spur of the moment. Candy is definitely a discretionary spending type of purchase.

A good supply source is essential to a profitable operation. Unless you plan to work 24/7 in the back room dipping cherries, whipping up divinity or pouring chocolate into holiday inspired molds, you will need one or more reliable sources of good quality candy to attract, and keep, your steady customers coming back again and again.

Any start up business can expect months, or even years, of little or no profit until the business is firmly established. Sit down with a representative of your local small business association and get an idea of the costs involved to stay afloat until your candy store turns profitable. Small business loans may be available to help you get on your feet. You should have a good reserve of cash to back you up, either through the savings you’ve managed to accumulate prior to opening your candy store or, perhaps, through the aid of an angel investor.

Mass market candy is readily available at any drug store or supermarket. In order for your candy store to be a success, incorporate unique candies into your offerings, perhaps something that is defined as your signature candy. High quality chocolates and specialty holiday items will attract repeat business from those seeking the unusual and harder to come by delights of your store.

Finally, remember the vital role advertising plays in a successful business. People won’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist. Establish a website to showcase your store. Consider setting up an online shopping cart to expand the outreach of your business. This way, people who shopped in your brick and mortar store while passing through town one day will be able to establish a steady purchasing relationship with you after they return home.

Opening your own business, whether it’s a candy store or a hardware store, is an exciting and challenging opportunity. Through proper planning and hard work, you can turn your childhood fantasy into an adult reality.