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How to make tasty drinks from coffee

Coffee is the perfect drink to get you mind and body moving in the early morning hours. If the world woke up without coffee, it would be complete devastation resembling the end of humanity. At least that is how some people might view it, who are addicted to this wonderful brown juice.

As much as I love coffee it is still a drug, that I cannot live without. Did you know that the darker roast have less caffeine. That was certainly news to me, the lover of all kinds of coffee. In fact, studies have shown the more coffee you drink the less likely you will get Cancer or other diseases. It must be something in the caffeine, it is worthy to know that coffee is really good for us, which is nice to hear nowadays, after all the negativity that we get from other foods we eat and drink.

Fortunately, we live in a land of plenty, and life has been good. However, are biggest worries about coffee are the expense and, what type of cappuccino, or espresso are we in the mood for. Many people drink coffee all day whether is hot or cold. With Starbucks and other coffee shops opening all over the world, has taught us to become noble Coffee Connoisseur’s.

The time has come to envision deliciously intense coffee that you can make at home, and that your family will enjoy all year long. Economical and healthy recipes are the way to go, to streamline your waist as well as your wallet. Making the best coffee is easy, and you may find you have that creative flare.

Cappuccino machines will brew magnificent cappuccino’s and espresso’s, and will fill your senses with rich robust flavor at your beckon call. Cappuccino machines are handy to have, and not too costly if you look for sales. The difference between cappuccino and espresso’s are the froth you use only in cappuccinos. Otherwise, they both are the same, very strong coffee, indeed. You can use sugar free items in your coffee, like creamer flavorings, whipped cream, liqueur flavoring, dark or white chocolate, cinnamon, ginger, pumpkin, caramel, and slim Milk. You can always add coffee to vanilla ice cream, to make coffee ice cream, or even many liqueur’s in ice cream, mix it in, or pour on top. Cherry’s, whipped cream, nuts and a favored cinnamon stick make’s wonderful yummy toppings.

If you do not have cappuccino machine, you can brew extra strong coffee, or regular depending on taste and for the froth use whipped cream and flavoring at room temperature. You can find more recipes on the internet, for remarkable coffee that you can brew at home.

Cafe’ Mocha- Espresso, with coca and steamed milk. You can use sugar free coco, or white chocolate, Splenda, and skim milk. Make cappuccino with a bit of coco; according to taste add froth on top.

Cafe’ Latte’s- Make cappuccino, add froth from steamed milk on top.

Caramel macchiato- Espresso with caramel and espresso added to the flavored froth.

Coffee Americano- Espresso with hot water.

Frappe- Espresso, vanilla ice cream, made like a milkshake.

Frappuccino- Vanilla, milk, and coffee flavoring. It is a cold beverage.

Iced Coffee- Brew coffees, make it your own, and then add lots of ice.

You can make regular coffee and just add some spices, as pumpkin pie spice, ginger,nutmeg, coco, and cinnamon. If you use the store bought creamers, then you do not need sugar in your coffee, the sugar free brands seem sweet enough, but you taste to judge.

Studies have shown that coffee protects you from various types of cancer, and increases your life expectancy with regular caffeine use. This is great news for the true coffee lover in your family!