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How to Make non Alcoholic Eggnog

I understand that most people would find no earthly reason to make eggnog at Christmas, or any other time for that matter, that does not contain alcohol. However, some people like my wife or children for example do not drink alcohol and still enjoy an occasional nog. My father-in-law had one that my mother-in-law would make fresh for him every morning for over fifty years declaring that he may as well drink his morning eggs as that was just as nutritious and twice as fast as eating them. Today, with the don’t-eat-fresh-eggs-salmonella scare, most people just buy pasteurized eggnog from the nearest IGA. However, for the more adventurous soul, I will explain the simple process of making truly great eggnog.

First begin with cold fresh whole milk. Any other kind detracts from the full rich creamy texture of the nog. Pour one cup of milk into a mixing bowl for each serving. Don’t start with a glass because you will need the extra room for the frothy part.

Now add an egg or two if they are small per serving. As far as I’m concerned, the larger the egg, the better.

If you have a sweet tooth like I do, add at least a tablespoonful of white granulated sugar per serving. There is no sense in trying to add some other more beneficial sugar substitute here as every ingredient in this stuff, except for the vanilla, is bad for you, health-wise. (Let it be known that my father-in-law lived into his eighties.)

Vanilla comes next. I prefer to use pure vanilla because I think I can taste the difference when using anything less. It may just be my imagination, but I still use pure vanilla anyway. The amount to use depends on personal preference. My father-in-law liked just a hint of flavor- about ½ teaspoon. I want lots of vanilla –well within reason. I start with one teaspoon per serving and add more when I take a trial taste later.

Now, using an electric mixer beat the mixture until it becomes foamy and lemony colored. This only takes about a minute. Of course, you must take a sample taste to be sure it has enough vanilla and sugar in it.

Pour what’s left, if there is any, into glasses and serve.

This is the basic recipe. However, if you want a change-up, add cinnamon, nutmeg or peppermint flavoring to your eggnog before serving.

Oh, one last thought…this can be a welcome treat to add to your Christmas morning breakfast tradition.