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How to make nice gift baskets for coffee lovers

These kinds of baskets can be easy, fun and inexpensive to make. Gift baskets can be given as gifts for a variety of occasions and given to different people. People such as a loved one, a friend, a co-worker, or even as a raffle prize. If you are making it for someone you know, you may want to use their favorite coffee brands and flavors. Otherwise, you could purchase sample packages offering different tastes and aromas.

If you need to economize and are under a budget, a great way to save money is to scour garage sales for baskets. It is amazing how many people sell them. And, not only that, check out the sales after the holiday season. You can land some really good deals on supplies such as on tissue paper, mugs, coffee samples, ribbons, and decorative filler.

To make a gift, here are some steps you may wish to follow:

Purchase items

Visit gourmet coffee shops, Starbucks, or even your local supermarket to purchase flavors. Other goodies may include gift certificates, mugs, a coffee maker, cookies or small cakes. You may also want to check out Borders or Barnes & Noble for desserts, coffee flavors, and perhaps even a book to include in the basket.

Suitable size basket

Make sure it is large enough to hold the items that were purchased. Here are some stores that sell nice baskets: Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics.

Glue gun & wire

Some people glue their items together as well as use wires to secure the articles so they don’t shift inside the basket. Wires and glue guns can be purchased at any craft store.

Decorative filler/tissue paper

Once the items are placed inside, you may want to use decorative filler versus tissue paper because it is loose and it is easy to fill in spaces, hide holes, and helps keep the items in place.

Cellophane wrap and ribbons

Once all of the goodies and coffee packets are secured inside, you need to wrap the gift. Take your cellophane and cover the basket so the ends come up and over the top. Gather the ends and tie them with ribbon. Lastly, take a hair dryer and apply GENTLY, low heat until the cellophane molds to the shape of your liking.

And viola, you have a beautiful basket made for coffee lovers!