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How to Make Great Coffee in a Drip Coffee Maker

Coffee – an explosion of flavor or something you can use to clean your sink with? If you have ever had a bad cup of coffee then you know exactly what I mean. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to create that perfect cup of coffee every time? Follow these tips and you will be as close to perfect as you can get.

Let’s start with your coffee maker. It has to be impeccably clean. If your coffee maker is more than 6 months old you will want to purchase a descaler that you pour in to remove buildup of lime and calcium, both in the maker and in your pot. After following and completing all the direction for that then I recommend the following: Place 1 tablespoon of baking soda in the coffee pot and mix
in cold water to fill the pot. Run this through the maker followed by another pot full of just water. Now you are ready to make coffee.

Begin with the water. It has to be cold and it has to be filtered. I keep a pitcher of filtered water in the fridge all the time. Next, the coffee. I personally use organic fresh roasted beans and I grind them myself. Take a trip to your local coffee shop and tell them what you like in coffee and they will point you in the right direction but make sure it’s organic.

Brewing is a matter of taste. Some like pressed, others filtered and others perked. The choice is yours. Here’s a little tip that I find makes a great cup of coffee. I place the coffee filter on a plate and pour my fresh ground coffee into it and then I microwave it for 30 seconds (depending on type of microwaves) and then I put it in the coffee maker and press start.

Now you can put a pinch of this or that in like so many people do but believe me when you follow my simple instruction you won’t need all of that. Now you have what it takes to make a perfect cup of coffee. Enjoy!