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How to Make and Presnt Homemade Food Gifts

Homemade gifts of any kind are usually welcome gifts when those who receive them know their value. To be sure your gift is appreciated for what it is, a labor of love, follow these tips.

First, make sure your intended recipient will like it. There is no point in giving someone homemade raspberry jam when they intensely dislike raspberries. Ask them if they enjoy raspberries or someone close to them who would know.

Homemade gifts of food are usually small amounts given the extent of time and effort to prepare them. Consider adding something to it. For example, more than one complimentary food gift could be given such as homemade bread and homemade raspberry jam. Or you might add a nifty little jam jar and spoon you might find in an antique store, a thrift store or a gourmet shop. If a thrift store find, make sure it is in perfect condition and wash it thoroughly with hot water.

Presentation is often the most important element of giving food gifts. Of course, your food product should be tasty, high quality and look very nice. Using colored saran wrap found at your grocery store is one way to dress up some cookies or candy you made. Wrap a loaf of homemade bread in a pretty napkin, cloth place-mat, or square of gingham cloth and tie with a ribbon to add to the homemade look of the bread. Many people use special boxes, hand-painted ones for example, to present cookies and breadsticks in. I once was given breadsticks in a cloth covered round old fashioned oatmeal box with a bow on top. They were delicious and looked very pretty.

Homemade jam can be put into fancy glass jars or use plain ones with a piece of gingham ribbon wrapped around the jar. There are lots of ready-made tins and foil and plastic containers for presenting candy, cookies, or some other homemade food item.

The ready-to-make mixes have been very popular. They are often in mason jars which have been decorated in some way. They contain mixes for cakes, cocoa, sometimes dried soup ingredients etc. you need to supply the recipe so they know what needs to be added yet. I have seen wonderful cakes in mugs and many other delightful ways to “wrap” this kind of gifts.

Some suggestions for edible gifts include, but are not limited to:

– Jams and jellies

– Breads and rolls

– Candies and cookies

– Cakes and nut breads

– Nuts and dried fruit

– Pretzels and crackers

-Soups and cake mixes

– Fruit rolls and trail mixes

– Drink mixes and fruit baskets

– Herbs and teas

– Flavored coffee

Anything you have grown yourself, made from scratch, or put together can comprise a food gift. Present it beautifully and it should be a hit. Those who are cooks and crafters will know its value and the time involved.