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How to Make an Omelet

An omelet for the very best results , should be cooked and served immediatly, and as a proffesional chef here are a few secrets that will help you to produce an excellent omelet everytime. Take three fresh eggs and break them into a bowl or mixing jug, find an old dinner fork that you do not use much, and flatten the tongs, this will give you a very good tool to now whisk the eggs, add a pinch off salt and pepper and nothing else.

The filling if raw should be prepared and cut small, and dice like, for example onions, peppers, tomato, pinapple,mushrooms or ham. Cheese, cooked ham, should be added proir to folding the omelet. You can use a frying pan ,but an omelet pan is really essential because they have a particular shape and depth , the handle is at a more acute angle, and they must be none stick, never scour or wash, always wipe them after use with a cloth. Having heated your pan (it must be hot), add a tiny amont of oil just as if you were making a pancake ensure the whole pan has an oil film and wipe out with a clean cloth. Place the pan back on the heat and add any raw food first. When this is nearly cooked add the egg mixture, putting the jug/bowl aside, with one hand keep the pan moving gently, the mixture will begin to cook quickly and must be kept moving, spread the mixture evenly, use the fork as if you are using a spoon to move the mixture around the pan untill it begins to look like scrambled egg, add your cooked food now, and use the prong end of the fork to fold the omelet in half, away from yourself. Press lightly around the edges sealing it , and finally how to get it out of the pan. Depending on whether you are left or right handed, take hold of the omelet pan handle from underneath as opposed to the normal grip, with your other hand you should have your plate. OK! Now, holding the pan handle underside so your thumb is at the end ,you can tip it straight onto the plate add your chips or salad and thats it, five minutes no more and its ready to eat. Good luck !