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How to Make a Centerpiece with Starburst Candy

Starburst has an array of candies besides its familiar fruit chews from which to choose in creating a candy centerpiece. The first thing to do is to decide on a theme and then choose which candies best suit the purpose for the desired centerpiece(s). The next thing you will need to decide is whether or not your centerpiece will be for show or for eating as this will determine whether you leave the candies in their wrappers or use non-edible adhesives such as glue.

For a single table you can create a beautiful and unique two dimensional centerpiece try making a mosaic from the traditional square Starburst chews. Treat them just like squares of art glass and arrange them in a pattern with or without adhesive. The design can be a simple geometric pattern or something more elaborate patterned after your favorite fine art subject. You can use a pattern from a book or create your own using a computer or by coloring in squares on graph paper. For inspiration in creating a design look through mosaic books or visit www.mosaicpatternsonline.com.

For an edible mosaic design leave the chews in their wrappers and arrange them with the triangle edges down. To hold them in place consider using adhesive dots or a dab of rubber cement. You could also leave the triangular edges facing up so that your guests can open the wrappers without having to completely destroy your mosaic pattern. A mini mosaic could be mounted to a backing such as cardboard using double sided tape and displayed on an easel if multiple centerpieces are desired.

For a three dimensional centerpiece try a variation on the gingerbread houses popular during the Christmas season. Use the Starburst chews as bricks and stack them much like Lego’s with or without adhesive to create simple or elaborate buildings. Double sided tape placed carefully between rows can be used in the absence of an edible “mortar” to help hold the building together.

Another approach would be to treat the chews as miniature tiles and affix them to cardboard walls. Using double sided tape will keep them removable and edible though for the look of tile grout or mortar frosting could be used as with gingerbread houses. Frosting will create a mess so it may be better to use the adhesive dots for scrapbooking and pipe the frosting in between the squares.

At a shower or Sweet Sixteen party consider making jewelry. A stylish bracelet could be crafted using the square Starburst chews interspersed between actual beads. You will need a suitable tool for making holes in the squares, needles, dental floss, beads and a fastener. Anything pointed and narrow such as an ice pick should suffice for making the holes. Arrange your bracelets on a tray or jewelry box and guests will be delighted by your ingenuity. If time permits, experiment with making earrings or necklaces as well.

Another simple and three dimensional centerpiece to create from the Starburst candies is to create a pyramid by arranging the chews in a foundation of say five rows by five columns and then decreasing the amount of squares as you stack them until there is only one left on the top row. It may be necessary to work in multiples of four so decide on the height you want the pyramid to be and then reverse engineer it. At the top you will use one square and the next row will have four squares arranged two by two. The next row could be three by three for a total of nine chews or you could use more depending on how deep you want the ledge to be around the edge of each row. Experiment a bit with the stacking, especially if you want your design to be color coordinated so that you will know exactly how many pieces you need in each color.

Theses are just a few suggestions of how to make table centerpieces using Starburst candy. The ideas are almost unlimited if you are not concerned about the candies remaining edible. Starburst GummiBursts can be used as jewels or to create flowers and the jelly beans could be used in mosaics or as beads for edible jewelry, for instance. All it takes is a little imagination.