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How to keep Drinks Cold for your Party

Many of you probably don’t have the time to go to the shops and buy coolers, so there are some hack’s that should help you.

Remember the old little pools that you had when you were a child? or even the little pool your little kid has, well that should help, fill that pool with ice or very cold water and put the drinks there. Don’t forget to place it in the shade.

A wheelbarrow would be great too, but clean it before, you use it.. Fill the wheelbarrow with ice then put the drinks in, if you don’t have that much ice, fill bags or balloons with water, then freeze them, that won’t last as long as the ice but it will help.

If you need to keep a juice or a punch cold just cut some fruit, freeze them, then put them in the punch.

If it’s an indoor party, you can use a tub, fill it with ice or with cold water, and put the drinks there. Try it with the cold water because you can change it anytime. Never try to fill the toilet with ice and put the drinks there, never.

In an out-door party, the easiest way to keep the drinks cold are if you clean some pails, fill them with ice and fill them with the bottles.

If it’s a night college party the most fun way to keep the drinks cold is of course if you fill your pool with cold water, put the drinks (if they’re in bottles) in the water and let them float, it gives an awesome image.

There is a cool trick for a party, before the party, keep the good drinks cold, when there’s one hour till the party fill a bowl with the liquid from the drinks and place some gummy bears in there, the gummy bears will stay cold longer and it would surprise everyone.

How to give the wine an awesome look and keep it cold longer.

Okay it’s easy to keep the drinks cold when they are in the bottle or if you put a lot of ice in it. But when we’re talking about a casual party you can’t fill the cup with ice, then use this idea. Cut the watermelons in any shapes, especially stars, freeze them then put them in the drink, put in only one or two, because it will give a good look.

Make freeze soda from coke, okay everybody knows that drinks that are more ice than water, so this is how to make it.

Put the bottle in the freezer for 50 minutes, then get them out , it won’t be totally frozen so after you put it in a cup , you will get a cool cold drink.