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How to Hand Roll a Cigar

How to hand-roll a cigar…

*Hand-rolling cigars can give you a special taste:

People who like to hand-roll their own cigars have lots of choices they can make: (1) Choose their own tobacco to obtain the purest quality (2) Control their own way to hand-roll the cigar (3) Make a selection of the filler’s strength (4) Choose the wrapper leaf’s flavor. This make their cigar their own “baby.”

Those who like to hand-roll their own can choose their filler, binder and wrappers. Many local tobacconist may not carry whole-leaf cigar tobacco, these are available through the Internet at Famous Smoke Shop, www.Famous-Smoke.Com. I’m sure there are many other Tobacco Shop resources listed on the Internet too.

The person who is hand-rolling will need to shred filler leaves with scissors or they can leave them whole too. Did you know that the filler you choose determines the actual strength of your cigar. You may want to mix a variety of leaves and/or cuts to get the blend you truly like.

The person must prepare the binder leaf or leaves and this process requires removing the middle rib with scissors and it will require that they smooth out all the leaf folds. If you like the larger type cigar, you may want to add more than one leaf to the cigar you’re rolling. Next, comes the wrapper leaf. The rib must be removed from the leaf, you’ll then need to smooth the leaf with your hands or you can also iron your leaves prior to hand-rolling.

*Hand-roll your cigar directions:

(1) Place the binder leaf on a flat surface, bunch your filler leaves together on top of the binder leaf. Do not ever bunch the filler leaves too tightly or too loose.

(2) Place a small amount of adhesive right at the edge of the binder leaf and then wrap it around your filler. Now, roll it into a cigar shape, next, you’ll trim the excess leaf away from the ends.

(3) Take the trim wrapper leaf, after you’ve trimmed it as you so desire, and then roll it around the cigar. You’ll have to add a small amount of adhesive to the wrapper to secure the edge.

(4) Add a drop of adhesive for attaching a small piece of leaf wrapper to one end of the cigar, leaving the other end open.

(5) Be sure to keep the binder and wrapper leaves moist as you’re rolling the cigar. If they should dry out, spray the cigar lightly with water and place it in an airtight container.

(6) Let you cigars age for a minimum of approximately 21 days in your seasoned humidor. This enhance and mellow a cigar if it is too strong.

(7) A cigar that is filled to tight will not burn.

(8) It’s important that you do not rip or tear the wrapper leaves or the binders when you’re rolling because this will cause inconsistent burning. Cigar.Com carries a selection of cigar cutters, humidors, lighters and other accessories. www.Cigar.Com/Accessories.