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How to Grocery Shop on a Budget

The key to having a good grocery-shopping day is the pre-planning of meals, preparation of the grocery list, and knowing what specials are available. One of the quickest ways to go over the budget is to go to the market and not have your shopping list. Impulse buying can wreck your budget. Some ideas for your grocery shopping routine might be:

*Pre-plan your meals for a two-week period.
Variety comes from incorporating the food likes of family members. Children will eat better when they know one meal is their input. Of course, add at least two fruits and veggies to their menu so they can have a choice of choosing which one they want to eat, if it comes to that.

*Prepare you shopping list.
Your shopping list will contain items you will need to prepare your pre-planned meals. It might be wise to become familiar with what you have on hand and then buy accordingly; you do not duplicate food items you may already have on hand.

*Organize your coupons and grocery store specials. Using the specials offered in the mailers from grocery stores and clipping your coupons can save you money when grocery shopping. If you really want to get ahead, put that savings into the bank and see how much you save your household at the end of the year. Making your trip to the grocery store can be fun and give you a challenge, be creative.

*Never, go hungry to do your grocery shopping.
It never fails when you go grocery-shopping hungry you always come home with items you do not use or do not need. These items take up space in your cupboards for months before you donate them to a food bank or shelter.

* Make it your special day.
Plan one day of the week to do your shopping, preferably when the stores are running their specials. Allocate time for this event so you do not have to rush through the store. When you rush, you forget items, and then have to make another trip back to the store. When you visit the store a second time, you will not only pick up the item you missed, but you will usually purchase other items, and then there goes your budget.

Your attitude about grocery shopping, or any other homemaking assignment, is important. You will enjoy your trip to the store when you realize the service you are doing is for the well-being of your whole family. Not only will it be more fun for you, if your attitude is a positive one, but you can then teach your children to be smart shoppers with conservative values.