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How to Cook Thin Pork Chops

Thin pork chops can be a work of art to grill successfully. On the flip side of the coin thick pork chops can be equally as difficult to grill, thick pork chops can be as tough as old boots if they are grilled for too long rendering them practically inedible. Thin pork chops will grill well and retain their moisture as long as they are cooked quickly over a very high heat.

The cooking method is the same whether you intend to use an electric grill, a gas grill or cook them on the barbecue. Sometimes the thin pork chops come with a small piece of bone intact, if this is the case then take a pair of kitchen scissors and trim the bone away from the meat. Then rinse the pork chops off under the cold water tap and dry them off on a spotlessly clean tea towel.

Place the thin pork chops on the work surface and season them, while you are doing this turn the grill on and let it heat up to temperature. The pork chops will probably be no more than a quarter of an inch thick, so they are not going to be under the hot grill for long. The idea is to cook them as quickly as possible, ensuring that the pork is properly cooked through and remove them from the fierce heat the second that they are done.

Lay the seasoned pork chops onto the hot grill and leave them on that side for a minute before you attempt to move them, this makes sure that you have sealed in all of the precious meat juices and that the thin pork chops should not dry out. After the first minute just swivel the pork chops around on the hot grill, at this stage don’t attempt to turn them. Grill them for a further minute before turning them over and then repeat the process on the other side of the pork chop.

The thin pork chop should be well browned off at this stage and you should have only turned the chop once during the time it has been cooking under the grill. The pork should still look juicy and moist and once you cut into the thin slice of meat it should still be tender. You have flash-cooked the thin pork chop and that is the best way to cook thin meat.

The key points that you need to remember are that the grill needs to be really hot, the thin pork chop needs to be cooked as quickly as possible and once that meat is cooked through get it off of the heat straight away.