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How to bake your own bread

Bread is a staple of western culture. It is readily available in all food stores in multiple forms, whether it be simple sliced white, rustic farmhouse or artisan style hunks of loaf. While many people simply go through life eating store bought sliced bread, very few know how easy it is to bake their own delicious loaves.

It would be difficult to discuss home made bread without immediately acknowledging the importance of kitchen gadgets. One such gadget is a simple bread machine. These devices take all of the difficult procedures out of making bread, and make them as simple as one, two, three. It genuinely is that simple.

Step one: Plug in machine and turn on

Step two: Add ingredients in the order specified by the handbook

Step three: Turn on machine

Delicious bread in no time at all!

Entry level machines have all of the features that you could want for home made bread, and the features add on upwards through the range. You can select a machine that can make dough (pizza anyone?), jam, malt loaf, walnut bread and much more! Machines come with timers, which is great for that “country house” feeling. You simply add your ingredients before bed, set the timer and wake in the morning to the smell of freshly baked bread.

All machines come with their own handbook, with many recipes in them. They are extremely simple to follow and, more often than not, all of the measuring equipment that you need comes in the box, too. For more complex breads, which do not fit in with the standard loaf, you will not be left wanting. Bread rolls for a grill? Simple: set the dough setting, turn it out, knead a little, divide into rolls, brush with a coating if you want (egg white is always a winner). Then simply allow to rise for 45 minutes, bake in the oven for 30 minutes and you have your own batch of home made bread rolls.

There are websites galore for further bread machine recipes, easy to find and simple to follow. Take a click over to your nearest search engine and you will be pleasantly surprised.

For those who do not want to get a bread machine, bread making is still far from difficult. All you need is a set of scales, bread tin, mixing bowl, a few measuring spoons and you are away. Find a simple recipe and follow it! There is no special technique. YouTube is a great tool for learning effective techniques for kneading and proving the dough, and you can truly hand bake your own bread extremely easily.

There is a great satisfaction in biting down on your own home made bread. The freshness, the crust just how you like it, the perfect texture — it really is a treat. With it easy to do for anyone, you will find yourself addicted to perfecting your methods and trying new things, and why not?