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How Drinking Green Tea can help you Lose Weight

Did you know that by switching from drinking coffee everyday to green tea can help you lose weight? Because green tea tastes great and has no calories, when you drink a cup of coffee for the most part you have to add sugar, and some ever so sweet chocolate or something else that takes the calories from zero to 250. But when you drink green tea, it tastes terrific on its own and you don’t have to add anything. Step it up a notch by purchasing green tea with raspberry or add a little drop of honey to your tea, and you have a sweet tasting elixir that aids in your weight loss program.

You may want to switch from that habit of drinking coffee everyday to drinking green tea due to all of its healthy properties such as the antioxidants it has, such as how green tea can help fight certain cancers, heart disease and how it can help you lose weight. Chinese people have known about green tea’s healthy benefits for almost 5000 years and live long, thin lives.

Besides being a good tasting concotion without any calories, green tea can even have you on the minus side calorie wise by drinking just one cup a day. Green tea it seems can actually speed up your metabloism. This means while you are sitting down enjoying a cup of green tea, you can be losing weight. Just imagine what two or three cups of this amazing elixir can do for you everyday. Add to that a regular exercise progam and eating a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables and all those expensive diet medications can stay on the Internet shelf.

By drinking a no-calorie cup of green tea everyday you can be reducing your appetitie. Research has proven that green tea can put a halt to your stomach asking for more food. Possibly it is the water filling your stomach up, or the fact that green tea contains nutrients and a little bit of fiber from the tea leaves that fill a person up. By switching from a calorie-laden coffee with milk and sugar and whipped cream for breakfast and drinking a calorie free green tea you can save a lot of calories with breakfast every morning.

Green tea has caffeine contained in it just like coffee has, but drinking green tea revs you up in a different way. It makes a person feel good by drinking it; it’s a healthier drink to consume. Coupled with the fact that green tea can also inhibit fat absorption and that it regulates glucose levels can lead a person to putting down that morning cup of joe and turning to a cup of green tea.

Green tea when mixed or bought with ginseng in it really revs up your body. When I drank two to four cups of green tea with ginseng in it everyday I had enough energy to supply the house with electricity for a week. It was truly astounding how much energy I had. Although I switched from ginseng green tea to regular green tea because the ginseng kind gave me major jitters and insomnia.

For people that prefer coffee and are staunch coffee drinkers just to let you know that coffee still is the number one drink in America with two cups consumed. But you may want to switch to green tea, because it is a very healthy drink, makes your stomach feel full, revs up your metabolism, aids in digestion and has antioxidants contained in it that can keep wrinkles at bay. Can a cup of coffee do all of that?