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How Cooking Shows could Improve for the Average Viewer

Finding the time to cook a full meal daily is a challenge to most this day and age. However there are still hundreds if not thousands of cooking shows on the air. The idea that one day the time and the money will come to prepare these dishes correctly keeps us tuning in. Then to one day have the finished dish look the same way out of your oven at home as they do on the television is a dream. The finished product is always perfect.

While lots of people enjoy these shows there are several ways that they could be improved for the average viewer. There are some very simple ways that would make the shows more accessible to the viewer.

*Affordability of Ingredients
*Health Considerations
*Ease of Recipes
*Availability of Written Instructions
*Consideration of the Home Kitchen

Some ingredients on the shows are quit pricey and cannot be easily found in some smaller communities. There are pricey items in a lot of the recipes. Shrimp and Wine are not in everyone’s everyday budget. So why are they and high priced meats included in the majority of recipes? These have to go on sale at the least for the average earner to be able to afford them.

Substitutions should be included in the list of ingredients. Alternatives could be made available in the choices. When ingredients are not readily available then the alternatives to make the dishes and have them taste the same should be made known to the viewing public from the onset.

There are health considerations and special diets that are not always taken into consideration on these shows. The substitutions list would be a great help here.
Sodium and sugar restrictions are in need of addressing along with other health issues.

The recipes are sometimes complicated. There should be more of them that can be done with ease. The fact that some things need to marinate overnight should be pointed out at the end of one show in preparation for the next show. The simplest ingredients could come in handy.

There should be somewhere that viewers can go to get the instructions step by step for the recipes that you can make them on your own without the television.

The kitchens on cooking shows have industrial ovens and such, not everyone has these in their home. The pre cooked show food is good for those to show. Considering the differences in the kitchen onset and offset would be an incredible start to making these shows better.

You watch the chef with the camera rolling and you know what the end dishes look like always. Through the magic of television all the dishes are done in five minutes to show each stage.

There could be more errors in the shows to make it resemble reality more to the real viewer experiences. Errors occur in every kitchen around the world; so why not in the television chefs kitchen? The reality would help to see how to correct some of the mistakes in our own kitchen.

The ingredients are all perfectly measured out (unless of course the show stars Rachael Ray) and all go into the mix in the correct order every time.

A lot of the shows simply have the chef in the kitchen alone talking to the camera. Add guest for them to talk to. They can explain to the guest and not just talk to themselves the entire show.

There are just a few changes that could be implemented to make these shows better for the average viewer. The list of things that would make it friendlier to the viewer could become endless depending on a persons preference and taste.