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How and why Decant Wine

For the casual wine drinker, the idea of decanting wine may sound like a process that could only be achieved if you have a science lab, a vintner, and MacGyver on hand. Fortunately, decanting wine is a simple process described by a not-so-simple word. If you want to decant wine, all you have to do is pour your wine from one bottle to another. And why should you decant wine? Well, that answer is a bit more complicated. Now that you know how to decant wine, here are some of the reasons why you should decant wine.

Those Dreaded Cork Issues

Have you ever tried to remove the cork from your wine bottle and watched as it broke into a million little pieces? Since nobody enjoys drinking cork, decanting wine is an excellent way to deal with that problem. Just strain the wine with a strainer or cheesecloth and let the cork-free wine pour into a decanter. Problem solved!

It’s All Sedimentary, My Dear

If you collect old wine or store your red wine in a cold area, chances are that the bottom of your wine bottle is filled with sedimentary particles. Whether your bottle is bothered by sediments or wine crystals, you do not want to drink them. Avoid this problem by slowly pouring the wine into a decanter and stopping once the sedimentary bits try to escape from the original bottle. You will lose a bit of wine, but the better quality of the wine you drink will be well worth the loss.

Oxygen Helps Everything

Some wines taste much better when they are exposed to oxygen before being served. Before you serve an old vintage wine, you may want to decant it to enhance its natural taste. Pour the wine into a carafe and let it sit for approximately ten minutes before you serve it. That little bit of added oxygen will benefit the wine and your wine drinking experience.

Judge a Book by Its Cover

No matter how attractive a wine bottle looks, one problem remains. You cannot see past the darkness of the bottle to see the actual wine. If you want to display the color of your wine and impress guests with an attractive presentation, serve your decanted wine from a nice, clear carafe. The wine and its container will look beautiful on your table, and that small gesture will not be unnoticed by your guests.

If you are unsure of whether or not you should decant wine before drinking it, think of it this way: Decanting wine never presents problems. However, decanting wine prevents many problems that could potentially arise. Now that you know how and why to decant your wine, get your carafe ready and prepare to indulge in wine at its finest.