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Hot Food Lunch Ideas for Kids

Some kids are picky about what they eat. If you would like them to have a nice hot lunch, there are many items that you can find that they are likely to enjoy. The following are some hot food lunch ideas for kids.

Pasta dish

There are many pasta dishes that kids love. For instance, just plain pasta with a marinara sauce is easy to make, delicious and enjoyed by many children. They make many different types of sauces so if your child doesn’t like one there is still a good chance that he or she will like another. In addition, you could just have a butter sauce or have pasta with cheese on it. Even with that you will have choices since there are so many different types of cheese. You can have macaroni and cheese. There are also many other pasta dishes that are popular with kids such as baked ziti, lasagna and stuffed shells. You can also throw some vegetables in to the pasta to make it an even healthier dish.


Pizza is a nice hot meal that doesn’t need to be unhealthy if you do it yourself. You can make a pizza with pita bread. Simply put some sauce and cheese on top of the pita (and whatever else you want to add) and throw it in the oven. If you want something super quick, you could even just throw it in the microwave for a minute or two. Of course, there are many pizzas that you can buy from the frozen to the fresh version.

Hot sandwich

Just because your children are having a sandwich does not mean that it can’t be hot. For instance, you could give them a grilled cheese sandwich that is hot. You can toast just about any sandwich, which can make the meal a little nicer. You can also cook or sauté the ingredients in it. For instance, if you make them a grilled vegetable sandwich, you can sauté the vegetables before you put it in.


Many kids love quesadillas. You can just put cheese in a pita and heat it up so that the cheese melts. You can also put other items such as vegetables in it.

It doesn’t have to take along time or even a lot of effort to make a nice hot meal that your kids will love. Try the above ideas when planning your menu.