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Home Made Ice Cream is an Art

Almost a lost art, but not quite. An old time favorite, making home made ice cream may well be making a comeback. It used to be something families liked to do after church on Sundays. Each one took turns turning the crank since it was somewhat labor intensive but the anticipation of the delicious cooling treat stilled any complaints.

Making it is a simple procedure but the instructions must be accurate. Most ice cream makers today are not the old fashioned variety only resembling it. I found a four quart, hand cranked maker at Home Depot. It was priced at slightly under $90.00. The idea here is to have the looks and feel of the old fashioned ice cream makers without the arm breaking exercise after the novelty of the first few attempts at making the treat the way grandma used to make it. To comparison shop go to NexTag online.

Now that you have the means of making this old fashioned treat, how do you go about getting the process? There’s nothing to it really, you carefully follow the instructions of your maker. The instructions will tell you how to proceed. You begin by washing the bucket and paddles and then you assemble the parts. Included with your purchase will be recipes and other tips. If you follow the instructions you will have no problem. Don’t guess, measure the ingredients accurately.

What to do if your ice cream maker was a find, and truly an original that you inherited from grandma’s attic, minus any instructions. The easiest way to learn the mechanics of ice cream making the old fashioned way is to check out HowStuffWorks. There you will learn the reasoning behind why the mixture of eggs and milk had to be boiled. It was to prevent food poisoning from the raw milk. Now days the eggs too are a problem.

The process of making ice cream: You need a mix that can be purchased or a recipe that you follow carefully. In an old fashioned ice maker you have an outside and an inside container. The outside container is packed with ice and the inside container contains the mix. Then you place a lid on and begin to crank, and to crank, and to crank. If you’ve carefully followed the suggestions, you should then enjoy the treat of a lifetime.

Of course your machine is of a newer variety and you buy a prepared mix and that simplifies the process. Also, now that you know more about the importance of less fat and more fruit in your diet, you settle for healthier ice cream. Rather than randomly throwing chopped up bits of strawberries or peaches in your regular vanilla mix, there are several excellent recipes in the latest cookbooks.