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Holiday Foods for Picky Eaters

Some people are very hard to please when it comes to food. It is hard sometimes to figure out what to feed a person who is a picky eater. The best thing to remember is that not everyone likes the same thing so if planning a holiday meal it is good to provide several different items as to accommodate the picky eaters too. Also if it’s a large gathering find out what many of the people like and do your best to meet everyone’s needs. If the gathering is real large maybe have some of the family members bring a dish so that those who are picky can bring what they like and not go hungry.

The main dish is of course the most important part of the meal. Most people do like turkey so it is relatively a safe dish to prepare. If you know that some of the people coming to dinner do not like turkey, find out what they like such as ham or other meats. Prepare one other meat as well or let them know that turkey is the main dish and it might be good for them to bring another meat if they just do not like turkey.

Most everyone likes mashed potatoes and gravy. Some like the potatoes only so they can add butter to theirs and forego the gravy. If a person does not like mashed potatoes and gravy then he or she can move on to the other food that is offered.

Corn seems to be a food that most picky eaters like. Even those who do not like other vegetables like corn. Some people do not like it on the cob so it is best to just cook it in a pan and add some butter to it. Provide another vegetable for guests who might not like corn.

Breads are another item that most picky eaters like. Hot rolls or monkey bread with butter and jam are something that can be offered.

Many picky eaters like stuffing but only if the onions are cooked completely or not added at all. Find out if there are any people at the dinner who do not like raw onions and maybe make some stuffing that is plain and simple for those eaters with the onions thoroughly cooked or no onions at all.

Deserts are something that most people have an abundance of so the picky eater has a lot to choose from. If he or she doesn’t like any of the deserts offered it is ok. He or she can just eat more of the main foods and forego desert for the holiday meal.

The best way to accommodate picky eaters is to know the guests at the party. Find out what they like and try to accommodate everyone. If that is not possible, ask for help so that it can be an enjoyable meal for everyone.