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History Food Pizza

The history of the pizza
Pizzas, who doesn’t know them?
It is well known that the first pizzas came from Naples (Italy). It was food that was mostly eaten by to poor people. However, the precursor of the pizza is much older than we thought. At the time of the Roman Empire, there were dressed breads in the year 100 BC already.

Although the Romans did not eat pizzas the way as we know them these days, they made large flat breads. These were made out of wheat flour. It is believed that the word “pizza” came from the Latin word “pinsa/pincere”. The word “pincere” could be best translated as grinding.

Anyway, in the 17th century some kind of pizza was eaten by the people of Naples already. However, it was a different pizza than the one we know nowadays. The pizza at that period was made out of: A bottom made of dough, which was covered with garlic and cheese. But the most important ingredient was still missing; we are talking about the tomato.

The arrival of the tomato
With the discovery of America, a lot of new discovered foodstuffs found their way to Europe. One of these was the tomato. The tomato originally came from South-America. At first the people of Italy did not completely trust the tomato, because there was a possibility that these were poisonous. However, after the Italians got used to the ‘pomodori’, the pizza really was able to go through a development. This happened in the 18th century.

The arrival of Mozzarella
It was possible to make mozzarella when the water buffaloes from India were brought to Italy (Campania). The Italians were able to produce it with the use of milk from water buffaloes. It is a unique and tasteful kind of cheese. They have tried to do the same with the use of milk from cows many times, but they have never succeeded to make cheese with equal taste and quality as the original mozzarella which was made of the milk of water buffaloes.

The arrival of Margherita
With that, the ingredients of the pizza Margherita were complete. The pizza Margherita was made out of tomatoes, Mozzarella and basil (The tri-color of Italy). This pizza was presented in the year 1871 to the king and his wife Margherita during their visit in the year 1871.

The pizza at present day, worldwide
The pizza is nowadays a dish that is eaten by the whole world and appears in a lot of variations.