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Healthy Affordable Meals College

Time and money. Two things that most college students don’t have much of. There’s the hustle of classes, exams and studying, and the bustle of socializing, exercising and going to parties. That doesn’t leave much time or money for healthy and affordable meals. Here are10 simple and budget friendly ingredients every college student should have.

1. Frozen Veggies. Store brand frozen vegetables like spinach, cauliflower and peas are only one dollar a bag and loaded with vitamins and minerals. The best bet is a bag a broccoli. It’s a cancer fighting food and a great way to get some extra calcium for bone development. Add the vegetable of your choice as a side with a grain and protien.

2. Brown rice. Loaded with fiber, this whole grain will keep energy high from day . And for under three dollars for a store brand two pound bag, bank statements will stay high as well. It compliments all proteins to make an easy stir-fry dish.

3. Frozen chicken. Protein packed and ready to serve. Just take one breast, thigh or drumstick out of the bag, defrost and cook for an easy sandwich or burrito. Add a marinade or spices to make an easy main dish for one for about eight dollars per two pound frozen bag.

4.Peanut butter. For about around two dollars a jar, you can spread your peanut butter and your dollar a long way. Eat it on any bread product for a great sandwich or spread onto bananas and apples for a snack.

5. Crackers. Easy to carry to class and great to munch during those late night cram sessions. Choose healthy varieties like low sodium, whole grain and reduced fat. Prices range from one to four dollars a box. Eat them alone or top with cheese or hummus for a balanced snack.

6. Yogurt. Store brands sell for about forty cents per six ounce cup. A great boost of protein and calcium, packed into an easy to carry cup. Throw in some nuts and fruit for a filling breakfast.

7. Pot pies. A perfect comfort food for late nights, lunches or sick days. A complete meal that can be easily heated in your oven or microwave. Prices range from under a dollar for store brands to around four dollars for name brands. Its better to pay the extra buck if your looking for satisfying flavor.

8. Bananas. Usually the cheapest fruit in the produce section, selling for fifty cents a pound. They come in their own wrappers for safe keeping and easy carrying. Providing potassium to keep muscles strong through your afternoon workout or late night dancing.

9. Tortillas. An easy way to wrap up chicken, eggs or even peanut butter for a sandwich that won’t get smashed by that heavy text book on your way to class. Varieties are now being made with whole grains and added amino acids for around three dollars a dozen.

10. Apples. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Or at least bad breath. Keep one on hand as a great teeth cleaner for those early mornings when brushing teeth was overlooked. Serve alone or sliced with cheese or peanut butter. Any professor wouldn’t mind getting one on his or her desk either.