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Guinness Irish Beer Draught Stout Traditional Beer Dark Beer

My parents used to socialize a lot while I was a kid and they often went out to a pub which had a great garden. They allowed me to taste the beer they drank and I didn’t understand how they could drink such a bitter drink. I tried it only once and never again for further 12 years at least.

I can clearly recall the first time I tried Guinness. I was slightly older than 18 and out in a special summer camp which was organised by students of the collage I wanted to study. The camp was about preparing us to the entrance exam and we studied really hard all day and went out to an Irish pub in the evenings. I saw that almost everybody drinks a dark beer with creamy head on the top so I ordered one for myself too. This was in Central Europe and Guinness was something very new to me.

I tasted it and I loved it. Probably the atmosphere and the hot summer day or the magic of Guinness, I don’t know but I found it delicious. I remember that it wasn’t poured in the glasses all at once. The barista poured only half glass first then he took the next glass. There were about 50 students there so he had job those evenings. After some time he returned to the first glass and filled it up.

Although I don’t drink regularly Guinness is still one of my very favourite beers and I keep it for special occasions. For me it is not an everyday beer. Now I understand how my parents could drink the bitter drink and I prefer beer to any other alcoholic drink.

Guinness Irish dry stout origins from the brewery of Arthur Guinness. Guinness beer is exclusive because of

– its burnt flavour which comes from the roasted barley,

– lactic flavour which was achieved by aging a part of the beer, and the

– creamy head thanks to the nitrogen which is mixed to the beer when being poured.

Guinness beer is available in the supermarkets as well in bottles and cans. I prefer the bottle to the can. A pack of four cans (4×440 ml) of Guinness Draught costs about 5 pounds which is slightly expensive but it is worth for it. The 500 ml Guinness Original Stout bottle costs about 1.6 pounds. What I like in Guinness Draught is the manufacturer’s (Guinness & Co.) care. They tell you to cool the beer to extra cold, then tilt, hold the glass at 45 degrees, pour slowly and let the surge settle then enjoy it. A can of Guinness Draught contains 1.8 units of alcohol (4.1% by volume).

Do I recommend this beer? Yes, of course. It is my absolute favourite brand of beer and I really recommend it. Once you try it you will never forget it. It is very unique in its taste and its appearance. I love the creamy head on the top of it and it is in good contrast with the very dark beer. It looks very inviting.