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Guilty Pleasures

A guilty pleasure is a food source that gives comfort while providing little to no nutritional value. In other words, it satisfies the taste buds and can also expand the waistline. With moderation, however, the latter should not be a problem. Nevertheless, guilt can arise from either the knowledge of the caloric worth of the food, or the fact that its consumption must be severely limited, since guilty pleasures are presumably consumed less frequently than usual foods.

There is an exciting danger associated with eating a pint of ice cream, or a candy bar, or a fast food combo, if one is not accustomed to doing so. Eating junk food is like a rebellious act against a strict diet and/or rigorous workout routine. The guilt-ridden participant might wonder what the scale will read after consuming the nutrition-free food, or how his or her favorite pair of snug-fitting jeans will fit the next day.

And if no noticeable, adverse changes result, the intervals between consuming “condemned” foods may decrease. It is like a Russian roulette with a diet plan, and, in many ways, it keeps diets interesting and fun – that is, of course, if the dieter is able to keep the forbidden foods in the “guilty pleasure” category and not allow them to seep into the “usual foods” category.

A guilty pleasure can be a reward for a hard day at work when a salad just won’t do. The soothing taste of sweet, creamy ice cream as it slowly makes its way down the throat, or an ice-cold soda washing down salty french fries, cannot be compared to the laborious consumption of bland celery or even crisp carrots.

With guilty pleasures, even though the taste buds are the last human organs to benefit from their scandalous entrance into an otherwise regulated diet plan, they add a vitality to any bland diet that has to come from outside of the nutritional law. In fact, having guilty pleasures can jumpstart a safe diet by causing the dieter to work harder to diminish the caloric overload of the off-limits foods.

Guilty pleasures are simply foods that are infrequently eaten and therefore trigger anxiety in the conscientious dieter, who suspects the lawless foods might derail an otherwise “perfect” diet. The individual experiences guilt for breaking the law of nutritional eating, but pleasure from consuming foods that overwhelm the taste buds with rich flavor. Therefore, guilty pleasures are the drug of choice for healthy eaters who, every now and then, want a break from their routine and a jolt from empty calories.