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Green Tea Drink Green Tea Health Benefits from Green Tea

Green tea has become more and more popular of the last 10 years it seems. Studies have been proving all sorts of possible health benefits from drinking green tea almost becoming as popular as having a glass of orange juice a day. There are many good reasons to drink green tea.

The most obvious choice for drinking green tea is for your Health.

Green tea is healthy for the body with many antioxidants and nutrients packing an excellent punch of vitamins and herbal remedies to fight off sickness and support well being. Green tea is a very good dietary supplement.

It’s “Yummy” with many varieties and makers of green tea these days there is a flavor that can favor anyones palate.

Green tea is an excellent alternative to soda pop and other high sugar drinks with oodles of toxic ingredients. Thinking back now I would have much preferred green tea with a little bit of honey on ice than soda. Keep your children healthy and give them green tea to drink, the best tasting cold green tea that even children would like I believe is made by Arizona in a green labeled bottle or can.

Flushing out your system- Green tea literally cleans your insides out, it’s almost like taking a flush one might buy form a health store. Green tea can flush out impurities and toxins left in your liver and kidneys, which in return make the body feel better. Like anything healthy and good for the body usually will make you feel better.

Hang over helper- In similarity to flushing out your insides, green tea can greatly counter the not so popular after effects of drinking alcohol. Of course hydrating the body is the first thing to curing a hang over, green tea exponentially increases the time the toxins left from alcohol can be passed threw your organs.

Natural energy increaser- With the huge popularity of energy drinks these days green tea is a much better alternative for a little pick me up. Most energy drinks are horrific for the body and can cause more problems in the long term. Filled with sugar, caffeine, and many other questionable ingredients energy drinks should be a last resort to green tea. Green tea is not going to give a total amped feeling but It will increase the bodies alertness and give a boost of energy.
Five reasons to drink green tea probably ended up being ten within five, which wasn’t very hard to do green tea may very well become a daily staple like orange juice has become a household everyday nutrient. Green tea is an all around excellent drink cold or hot. Remeber splash a dash of honey into your tea hot or cold as well, which enhances the over all flavor green tea has.