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Great Romantic Dining Choice

Located in the Renaissance Hotel in Providence Rhode Island Temple Downtown is a haven of sophisticated dining. This restaurant isn’t just for hotel guests, it has a very nice exterior entrance and we were staying at the State House Inns and it was just a short walk from the hotel. There is valet parking offered at the restaurant is you want to drive.

Temple Downtown is below ground so when you enter you are going to go down a beauty curved stairway and you enter into the bar. The dining room has a very romantic atmosphere with modern chandeliers that look like they are lit are thick candles. The edges of the room has romantic tables that are carved into the wall, you face out into the room but they have a private dining feel.

We didn’t get one of them we had a table for two. We were seated, given menus and water and then had to wait way too long to see our server. She was very apologetic when she finally arrived and after that service was flawless.

We started by ordering our drinks and then the red pepper foccacia bread and the garlic olive oil arrived. I ordered an Organic baby arugala salad and then the mussels Dijonaise. My husband ordered the hanger steak. We enjoyed our bread as we waited for my salad to be served.

This is a delightful little salad. It is so simple. It is baby arugula with a dusting of parmesan cheese, olive oil, lemon and cracked pepper. It was so light and delicious I loved it.

When the mussels came I couldn’t believe it, the bowl was huge and filled with mussels. I only had one mussel that didn’t open and the broth was fantastic. It is served with a bowl of their frites which are lightly seasoned and homemade. It was an absolutely phenomenal choice and at $11 I have no idea how they do it.

Al’s hanger steak was cooked perfectly and served sliced over top of pommes Anna with haricot verte on the side. The serving was very generous and it was more than he could eat. The haricot were served al dente and were perfectly green and the pommes were cheesy and delicious.

We looked at the dessert menu and so wanted to order something with the great choices that were available, coconut crme brulee, seasonal fruit crumble, double chocolate cake and blackberry brown suger upside down cake. Unfortuneatley we just didn’t have room but I am determined to come back and try some of those wonderful choices.

The dinner menu has plenty of choices, seafood and pasta as well as pizzas. Dress is casual and reservations are recommended.